Long Wedding Gloves - types and popular models, photos

How to choose a long wedding gloves

Gloves have always been a sign of nobility andgentility. What girl in her wedding day does not want to look elegant and luxurious? The finishing touch to the dress is long wedding gloves. How Suite, so many opinions about the necessity of this beautiful accessory to complement the image. Some may consider that an open woman's hands any more beautiful jewelry. Gloves are not a mandatory attribute of the bride. From your personal preference depends on their presence or absence.

The main types of long wedding gloves

In today's world of fashion wedding glovesclassified by length, the material from which they are sewn, and the presence or absence of the "fingers". The basic principle is complete combination with the dress of the bride. Products for hands should be beautiful, but not overshadow the dress her grace. It is an attribute rather than the main part. There are four main types of gloves, depending on their length:

  • Short, which cover only the bride's wrist to wrist. The look is very feminine and gentle. Suitable for any type of dress.
  • Classic - the length does not reach to the elbow. Combined with many models of dresses, especially if the sleeve short or missing entirely.
  • "Opera" - the longest, covering the elbow and the hand just above it. Perfect for sleeveless dresses.
  • The long - slightly shorter than "opera", not cover the elbow. Beautifully combined with dresses, which are open shoulders.

With fingers

Long gloves with fingers for the bride

Gloves with the fingers - a classic from whichrepel fashion, creating new images. Opera variety of such products brings a special touch to the image of the bride. They are made from expensive fabrics, often made of satin. This model does not tolerate unnecessary adornments, such as sequins. Moderation and nobility - the main criteria for such things. During warmer months, the atlas can be replaced with lace, chiffon, silk.

"Clothes" for the hand of the bride should be harmoniouscombined with a dress in texture fabric and a style. While they should be removed ceremony in the registry office, as the need to wear a ring on the finger of the open and not in the tissue. We often choose models that provide for a slot on the ring finger. Following etiquette gloves during a banquet removed. This is a minor inconvenience "with fingers" model.

Fingerless gloves - Fingerless

Wedding Fingerless Gloves - mitts

An alternative to the classic glove upfingerless gloves - products "without fingers." This model has several advantages. Throughout the wedding reception and the wedding the bride is in the process of mittens. A variety of fabrics, patterns allows you to select the pair of products, which will only fit into your dress. Very interesting to look such products with a loop on one finger. Today - this is the most common type of these accessories.

Models of long gloves for the bride

Choose the right model of long glovesbest immediately when choosing a wedding dress. Professional consultants in the cabin will help advice. Having tried the whole decoration, future bride herself will be determined in the selection of the correct model as a dress and a suitable style accessory for hands. It can vary in color, the fabric, the presence of additional decorations.


Long colored gloves - wedding fashion accessory

An important role is played by colors wedding attire. Many women still prefer traditional white color, symbolizing innocence and youth of the bride. But more and more often on a light background of wedding decoration bright blotches accessories. These succulent "spots" can be belt, gloves, shoes. The main requirement - that they were not just one tone, and perfectly match the color between them.

Wedding dress ivory color

Fashion dictates its own rules. At the peak of popularity among the wedding dresses is now the color of ivory (ivory), which is considered a refined alternative to the classic white, without violating the tradition. Many fabric shades are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers. Products ivory colors are deeper undertones, so that the image looks like a touching and exciting.

An important point - ivory color does not toleratecheapness. If you have decided that the whole outfit, including long wedding gloves, should be a fashionable shade, you need to take care of high-grade fabric, otherwise the product will have an old burned-out look. Ivory color with peach, cream or beige tones - is not only luxurious, but also noble.


Openwork Gloves - gentle jewelry for the bride

Openwork in the hands of the bride fits perfectly inromantic image of the bride. What could be more tender and touching? An important caveat to these gloves - they need to tightly encircle the hand, or they look to be relaxed. Woven delicate items made of cotton yarn or wool mixture, if the wedding is to take place in the winter. Positive energy, coming from products associated with your hands, be sure to bring a young couple happiness and good luck.


The romantic image of the bride: Air lace on hands

Light air lace gloves for the bride- This is the final chord for the full image. This accessory is suitable for any model of dress, if it is decorated with guipure inserts. An interesting solution for the accessory made of lace - decoration loose beads or beads. Unusually luxurious look and satin products without fingers with lace elements.

Wedding Gloves with bulky ornaments

Volumetric decoration on wedding gloves

Gloves with additional embellishments perfectsuitable for women with incomplete hands. In order not to overload the image with unnecessary bulky items, such products should be chosen for the dress with a minimum of decoration. The decoration of the glove may be: quality imitation precious stones, natural or cultured pearls, bows, ribbons, flowers.

Photo of long wedding gloves

By purchasing these accessories for the weddingceremony, the bride should keep in mind that they only look attractive in the right combination with the rest of the outfit and accessories. You can not prevent a violation of the balance between fashion, beauty and comfort. Long Wedding gloves underline the individual style of the grand image of the bride. And they must like the bride herself, because the wedding day - the brightest in her life. Choose the best accessory.

A fashion accessory for the bride hands

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