Funny wedding cards

Wedding cards, it would seem a trifle, purelya symbolic gift, and he, his appearance, the quality of the paper plays an unimportant role. Perhaps it is your card will be donated to the family property, who knows. Therefore, should be taken seriously enough to question the choice of cards, and if it will funny wedding cards? Something exclusive and extraordinary?

Perhaps, on any part of the wedding gifts and flowers is bright wedding card, with sincere wishes and congratulations on behalf of the guest.

Wedding cards by nature are divided into two types:

  • greeting (in addition to gifts, flowers);
  • An envelope (used when the presentis money) .Istoriya appearance of cards is directly related to the transfer of information, and for the most part, they are a means of postal communication, gradually leaving in oblivion. It is rapidly replacing the Internet. At the present time cards become more an attribute of wedding congratulations.

    Once in England, a gentleman, even moreknowing that he was the inventor of the cards, I ordered one of the fellow artists to make a few cards with the image. After that, a gentleman sent them to all your friends and the rest sold to passers-by. This legend became part of the history of postcards.

    But this does not apply to wedding cards. As a rule, they are bulky, non-standard shapes and sizes, with a variety of images. Of course, at all times prized handmade, so you always can easily find funny wedding cards by skillful hands of a professional designer.

    In recent years become more common music, speaking, singing greeting cards such actually included in the category of funny wedding cards.

    In order to surprise and please the bride, you can work hard and enjoy an edible postcard, made by masters of the confectionary chocolate, vanilla and rice dough.

    If you for some reason can not personallyattend the wedding, send a greeting card through the Internet, in this global network web You'll be able to accurately find hundreds or thousands of wedding fun flash-cards.

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