Difficult choice of pillow or box for wedding rings?

Before there will come the most exciting andtouching moment in your life, you need to provide a lot of all sorts of details and trifles. To the wedding and subsequent married life were smooth, without roughness, all the preparations for the wedding must take place at a high level.

The youth of today are not as competent inwedding traditions. Not all know and believe in the necessity of those or other attributes of the wedding. Here, for example, the tradition prepodnosheniya rings - one of the main and obligatory ceremonies, which lies at the heart of a wedding celebration. But even here it is not so simple as it seems. Many couples wonder: what to choose for prepodnosheniya main symbol of love - wedding jewelry box or pad ?! Wedding portal www.articlewedding.com will help you to understand this delicate issue.

Casket for rings

In fact there is no difference. You can stick with the old version of this tradition when portrayed the ring on a beautiful traditional dish. And you can follow the newer versions and choose a variety of hand-made accessories. The main thing is that everything is harmoniously combined in style weddings and honeymooners images.

Ring Pillows

Although special pads and boxes forWedding rings in demand enough among today's youth, but there are many of those who choose more unusual way to prepodnosheniya rings, for example, wedding figurines or baskets. Moreover, keep in mind that these accessories can be a great gift for the newlyweds.

Ring Pillows

Sophistication Wedding paraphernalia

Lovely elegant accessory in the form of a weddingpads or casket for rings will bring elegance and originality to your holiday. Usually, wedding boxes and decorative pillows are individual in nature. Lace, beads, rhinestones, ribbons, all the finishing details give uniqueness and elegance of the data attributes.

Ring Pillows

Details are important

Stopping the choice on decorativepad, note attachment for engagement rings. This is an important point that needs special attention, because inconvenient attachment may cause unnecessary anxiety and awkward action during the ceremony.

A perfect option when the rings are mounted onpad with the help of special needles. These brand-new-bulavochki give additional beauty thanks to the ends of the sparkling elements. Although this is the most strong fixation rings embodiment not less practical pads provided with a recess.

Ring Pillows

Custom solutions

If the traditional options of pads and shkatulochekyou are not satisfied, then you can choose the accessories, custom tailored. Depending on the basic style of your wedding, you can pick up boxes and pads of different kinds of decorating materials. Plastic, fabric, wood, etc. Among the unconventional wedding accessories include:

  • Hand-knitted cushion. Ideal for decoration in the style of a winter wedding. Complement such an accessory - themed winter patterns.
  • Knitted cushion for the rings
  • Casket of wood saw cut. The original form of casket accessories will add even more festive look.
  • Casket for the rings of a tree
  • Cushion of flowers. This option is available and will look great for a spring / summer wedding. For the manufacture of such items are used daisies, orchids, roses.
  • Flower cushion for the rings
    Cushion for the rings of roses
  • Skeet clay. Now it is the most demanded option of wedding attributes. A surprising and sophisticated look is guaranteed.
  • Skeet for rings
    Beautiful a plate for rings
  • The pad of the book. The book can be a great accessory that will surprise all your guests with its original design.
  • Casket for rings from the book
  • Cushion of moss. With moss combined with lace, ribbons or pugovichkami you can create a unique instance of wedding accessories.
  • Cushion of moss
  • The pad on the basis of unusual things. As a basis for the unusual ring holder can use the hoop, mug, shell, etc.

The pad of the hoop
The pad of seashells

Even more interesting ideas for wedding accessories can be found at www.articlewedding.com portal.

Achieve harmony of wedding accessoriesIt helps the maximum combination of even the most minor details. To do this, you need to finally form an image of the newlyweds, and only after that you can select additional wedding items.

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