Solve, create a wedding invitation

The first impression of your wedding guests will receivenot then when they see luxury cars and you in magnificent costumes, happy and beautiful. They will get it if would get in your mailbox for a wedding invitation. Think about how to make an invitation to the impression of your wedding day was memorable from the beginning, with its expectations.

Individual order

All your fantasies and ideas will be able to implementWedding firms that are engaged in advertising and souvenirs. Despite the fact that the invitations will cost more than the ones that you can buy in the store, but what a wonderful memory will stay with you and guests for many years. Needless to say that the appearance of such invitations is amazing. You can choose the size, shape, quality of paper, envelopes to order them. Decorate the invitation with gold glitter, embossing, foil, believe experts know how to create an invitation that would be it was a pleasure to hold in their hands. The price depends on the number of units and the above decorating techniques.

Think design

Decide what style will be made of yourinvitations. It can be traditional or modern, elegant or fun, vertical or horizontal. Companies usually offer several options from which you can select the appropriate one.

Invitations are decorated with traditional wedding,symbolic drawings rings, doves, roses, angels and cupids. At the prompt, you can upload your photos. For example, best photo, where the two of you. Come up with an interesting and original version, create an invitation, and your wedding will be remembered just like that.

We act!

  • Determine the number of guests, as a rule, relatives and close friends. Make a detailed list.
  • Those who come your family or a couple, send one invitation for a family or two.
  • Enter the month and day of the wedding and the place where the celebration will take place.
  • Just specify the time and place of the banquet address, the name of the celebration.
  • Invitations should be ordered with a stock suddenly decide to someone else to call for your wedding.
  • For a month or, at least, a few weeks send this invitation. Guests should also prepare for your wedding, think about the clothes, pick up gifts, plan your time.
  • Depending on how you create an invitation, you can hint at the style of the upcoming evening. Guests will be easier to decide on outfits and look accordingly and appropriate.

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