Classic modern wedding - boutonnieres and bracelets for witnesses

From time immemorial, the wedding assumes thatsets of wedding traditions and ceremonies. This redemption of the bride, wedding ceremony, the bride throwing the bouquet and other rituals, learn about where you can on site. Each of these ceremonies without significance for the momentous event in the life of each of us.

Bracelet on the arm of flowers with pearls and beads

Without further ado clear that the bride and groom - athe most important people for whom organized a solemn event. However, the bride and groom on their own to cope at a wedding can not. They need loyal aides - witnesses who will be able to assume full responsibility for the quality of holding the wedding.

The most exciting day of witnesses given toa key role. The presence of witnesses at the wedding - not just a tribute to the old traditions, first, and foremost, a moral support for the bride and groom during the whole holiday. Witnesses, as a rule, are in the spotlight as much as the main culprits celebrations. For this reason, it is important not merely to note and highlight the witnesses from the crowd of invited guests. To this end, it was invented by a wide variety of various attributes wedding witnesses. Among them are known bright ribbons, floral accessories, boutonniere and bracelets.

Unusual boutonniere in a marine style

Perhaps, boutonniere for the witness and the witness bracelet, at present, one of the finest methods to emphasize the importance of top aides.

Boutonniere for the witness, according to law, is considered a sign of aristocracy. This compact floral arrangement - a bright addition to the strict way of a witness.

Flower bracelet on his hand, as usual,composed of fresh flowers - light and handy accessory for the witness. Since the witness is very busy at the wedding and keep the bouquet bridesmaid is not quite comfortable with the bracelet on his arm - this is an excellent option in addition to adorn themselves. Especially that bracelet on a woman's wrist is best emphasizes the beauty of its owner.

The buttonhole of artificial flowers with ribbons

How to choose the right accessories for the witnesses?

Choosing wedding attributes to theirfriends, assistants, remember that they must be performed in a similar style to your wedding accessories. If the honeymoon is best to use the decorations of flowers, the witnesses will suit decoration made of artificial materials. Due to excessive fussiness, live floral decorations quickly be damaged and lose their perfect appearance. Consequently, decorations for witnesses should be more practical and less vulnerable. In this case, you can stop the choice on equally beautiful and decorative accessories made of fabric and artificial flowers.

Get high-quality products can be onlyproven masters. Moreover, do not rule out the opportunity to witness their own accessories. Especially since the hand-made products always look fashionable, stylish and original.

Floral-berry bracelet on his hand

If the witnesses against artificialjewelry, then warn them to remove accessories in those moments when they help you. Thus, the more likely it is that the decoration will retain their flawless look to the end of this event.

Accessories for witnesses to be different from the bridal jewelry or not?

Undoubtedly, the witness and the witness arethe most responsible people at the wedding. They need not only to take on all the burdens of the celebration, they also need to be suitably dressed and, at the same time, to emphasize their appearance all the triumph of the moment.

But in spite of this, decorations for witnessesshould overshadow the wedding decorations newlyweds. Naturally, the importance of harmony and unity of style of those, and others, are just witnesses should choose less bright and flashy wedding attributes.

With regard to the floristic and color palette,used to create a floral bracelet and boutonnieres, stick to the principle of uniformity. In recent years, many newlyweds bought the same bracelets and boutonnieres as witnesses, and for all wedding guests. Such a thing is a kind of gift from the bride and groom. And little things made in the colors of the wedding, help to create on your holiday bright and unique atmosphere of high style and sophistication.

Bracelets for bridesmaids and guests

With site you can find a list with all the wedding accessories for witnesses and decide exactly what you have to prepare for their top aides.

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