Black Veil Bride - decor ideas, to which the dress suit, photo

There is a huge variety of originalwedding dresses and accessories. Among the American star has become popular Gothic style at weddings, where the bride walking in a black veil. Do you think that it is dark and tasteless choice - black veil? However, this is not the case, but on the contrary: the designers believe that it is refined. The bride, who knows how to properly combine controversial things, will look at his own wedding is not just elegant - it will eclipse the beauty of anyone who would be next to her.

Decor Ideas black veil to the wedding

Many girls will be afraid to pick up the veil of thecolor under the wedding dress. However, if you pay attention to coloristic palette, you make sure that the contrasting colors, such as black and white, perfectly combined, complementing each other. And if you have your own be creative, using the decor for a veil, the bride's image will play in other colors.

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Veil of openwork lace

Use Spanish style wedding, choosing toitself an image of passionate flamenco dancer. To do this you will approach a black veil of openwork lace. It may even be concise delicate veil or a mask over his eyes, which give a special mystery to your look. The image will turn out extremely feminine, sensual, attracting everyone's attention. This option should be worn with a dress of any color, unless it can be traced the same style and elements of black.

Openwork lace wedding in the Gothic style

Of coarse grid

Large grid, many associated with a veil,nice hat, so this idea, you can also successfully be used by applying it to your wedding dress. When you finish the process of creating a wedding hairstyle, attach a safety pin to the main piece of the material veil, creating a veil. Similarly, you can attach, but on the back of his head, the dark a large grid. It will appear as an addition to your hair, gently reminding the ladies' hat.

Veil of crude black mesh

Embroidered with stones and sequins

To veil did not look normal on the dark meshyour head, embroidered with her different stones and crystals, but do not overdo with their number and color. It is best if you choose a decor of black color with a pearly sheen. Use beads, small stones with a bright gleam of silver, decorate accessory very small amount of paste.

Which dress suit black veil?

The image of the bride all should be harmonious. Traditional veils color - white, but choosing the opposite color hat, you should approach their task with a double responsibility. Use your creativity to the max: be sure to try on several options for the colors of the wedding dress, look at what you perfect. Think about every detail, consider all possible options. Next, check out a few ideas, might look like your wedding image with gothic veil.

By Gothic along the red

If you - a bright and extraordinary personality, itgothic image of a bride in a red dress will not leave you indifferent. Some may say that this dress witches, however, if the talk is true, then all women are those of nature. Couple colors white-red or white-black has long been a classic, so why not use this combination to create an interesting image of the bride stylish?

Interesting neighborhood in a red dress withblack has its bright dignity in the wedding theme, and if you take to interpret the significance of these colors, you will realize that they are relevant at the wedding. Red - symbol of passion, mutual love, health and wealth, and black means elegance and sensuality. Clothing bride and veil, picked up on the contrast - it is original, catchy, memorable.

Gothic bride outfit in a red dress

To the white dress with black accents

Just imagine how extravagantlyIt will look beautiful bride wedding decorations - a traditional white dress - with inserts of black material. The dress perfectly complement the look and feel you have had time to veil in the Gothic style. Additionally, wear accessories and jewelry black same color - such as gloves, a small handbag, earrings and a tiara with dark stones, pick up the bridal bouquet in this style, etc.

Black and white wedding dress

By the fluffy dress in the style of "Princess"

Continuing the theme of elegant Gothic style,which can be taken as a basis for choosing a wedding dress, you can not ignore the classic version of the magnificent dress. It can be any color - white, red, pink, and white looks good with a defiantly bright red. In any case, it is combined with a veil of black color is magnificent. Look good ideas combination of magnificent wedding gown and dark headdress on the photo below to see how great the image.

Magnificent gothic bride with a veil

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