Wedding waltz

During a celebratory banquet guests lookingwaiting for the moment when the couple for the first time as husband and wife perform the wedding dance. As a rule, the couple try to prepare well for this part of the event to speak nicely to please and present elegant staging. For the classical formal event perfect wedding waltz - ballroom dance, known around the world. A touching performance of Homer's choreography will win the hearts of visitors, tell them about the true love of dancing couples, the newlyweds will bring pleasant emotions.

Waltz What is better to choose for the wedding dance?

In recent years, the couple around the worldexperimenting, choosing dance performances unusual wedding dance - tango, jive, swing, dance, surprise, rumba, waltz but a wedding is one of the most popular. Fine movements and various pieces of classical dance allow you to create a unique mood for posing. There are two versions ball choreography - it is a slow waltz and a smooth, rhythmic and rapid Viennese waltz. What type of dance to choose - it depends on the wishes of the heroes of the occasion.

Beautiful dance moves spouses

Viennese waltz

Viennese version of the dance is suitable for studyingthose couples who already have some experience of dance as it is performed at a rapid pace and requires clarity of movement. If the future spouses, before never engaged in ballroom dancing, want to choose this style for a wedding setting, you need to spend a lot of time for training. To all the movements looked beautiful, interesting, admired by visitors, to be used when creating a literate figure wedding waltz - it will help to make a professional choreographer.

As a rule, before the wedding ceremony with bridebride to come for at least 8-10 sessions, this will be enough to make a simple, but effective version of the dance. If you want to put the original Viennese waltz with complex shapes, supports, you may need much more time. The exact number of hours of training will depend on the readiness of the future spouses and the length number. Experienced choreographer immediately able to say how long it takes a couple to bring a pair of wedding song to perfection.

Slow waltz

Slow wedding waltz - the secondpopular wedding dance for special occasions after Vienna. Movement during this dance number more tender, smooth, and from this whole statement is as light and airy. This waltz chosen by young couples who have little time to prepare (just a few sessions) or experience in dance, and those who want to create a beautiful touching song. The slow version is suitable for older people, who because of their age can not move as fast as the young heroes of the occasion.

Regardless of what kind of a slow waltz forwedding much easier to perform, the future spouses need a good try, that such a statement does not look dull. Due to the quiet pace, present guests special attention will be paid to the clarity of movement, the position of the dancers body. Make a slow waltz interesting help frequent changes of figures support.

What kind of music to choose for the newlyweds dance?

Music plays an important role in creatingthe unique mood of a wedding dance. Newlyweds need to pay careful attention to the selection of the composition, given their own wishes, abilities. Many couples find a song for the dance numbers helps choreographer who invents setting for heroes of the occasion. Look professional and his advice in choosing the composition will provide an opportunity to fulfill future spouses truly beautiful dance.

Some young people can easily dancea waltz party, played the piano, and someone needs a clear rhythm, bright accents to understand, where the transition from one part to another dance. For future spouses who find it difficult to harmonize the movements with music, professional podyschet composition with well audible Percussion Thus heroes of the festivities will be able to get into the rhythm. For wedding dance couple can choose the music with words or minus on the composition of famous songs.

It is popular for wedding dance music fromclassics: "Spring Waltz" by French composer Chopin Waltz "Snowstorm" by Vivaldi, solemn compositions by Giuseppe Verdi, gentle waltz works of Wagner, "Waltz of the Flowers" by Schubert. We should also be said about the rich heritage of compositions by Johann Strauss: listening to the work of this composer, the couple will be able to find exactly the right product. More setting can be used Marsh Mendelssohn, often sounding in the registry office, converted a waltz.

Listen to music for productions Waltz

If the future spouses do not know what songto pick up for the ceremonial dance number during the banquet, you should pay attention to several popular tunes. On the links below you can listen to and download Viennese Waltz Sarah Brightman "Child of the Moon", the well-known work of Strauss, Wagner waltz composition, "Waltz of the Flowers" by Tchaikovsky and fabulous music for dance from the movie Harry Potter.

A selection of beautiful wedding waltz

The first dance of the newlyweds - it is alwaystouching event. To look good in numbers, the future spouses must spend many hours of intense workouts. Prepare for some couples can become an ordeal, but it will give a great result - positive reaction and guests wonderful memorable pictures. If the heroes of the occasion forever want to capture the dance performance, the operator need to hire a professional who will remove the video for a good technique mount frames and writes to disk.

videographer Invitation can be expensive,but the video quality is much better than the filmed triumph guests free video. Professional install two or more cameras to record from multiple angles, and then uses those mounting frames, which is most advantageous to accentuate the wedding dance.