Wedding tango

The right of the first dance at a wedding has traditionallyIt belongs to the newlyweds. Rhythm of the selected music for dance and performance newlyweds pass offers experienced feelings. Many couples prefer to perform the classic waltz, moving to the music, but if the relationship is seething passion, the best wedding dance is the tango. Dynamic pas will display all the ardor of feelings of young people, exerting a lasting impression on others.

Features of wedding dance Tango

The main task of couples performing on a dancewedding party - pass fire their feelings, express them in the movements and touch. Wedding tango embodies the passion that drives you crazy. Hot dance liking passionate natures, and there are varieties of tango with melodic music for a gentle, romantic people. This variation looks just as spectacular, but very formulation devoid of any sudden movements.

The complexity of the dance requires careful preparation,especially for those who were not previously involved in such kind of art. Technically complicated leg movements require clearness of each steps and must be carried out synchronously partners. The slightest misstep, and the dance loses its meaning, so daring in its execution, the couple deliberately agree to rehearsal, in which the total return has to be present. Their amount is determined individually for each pair varies from 5 to 20.

Couple dancing tango

What kind of music to choose for this dance

Select a melody for the tango is not difficult. Many compositions of classical and contemporary composers are inherent in the dance rhythm. Different types of tango have their own distinctive music. For example, the Argentine - the most passionate, and Finnish - quieter. Sometimes the couple prefer to perform the mix, combining it with a waltz or foxtrot. The main objective is to determine the nature of dance - ardent, tender, passionate. The choice depends on the characteristics of the melody:

  1. Melody from the movie "Scent of a Woman" - the most popular music for the wedding dance.
  2. Music from the movie "Take the Lead". Tango of the protagonist, played by Antonio Banderas and charming Katya Virshilas.
  3. Edvin Marton - Tango Amore - a melody that combines tenderness and wild passion.
  4. Astor Piazzolla -Libertango - an unusual composition, violin ensemble, accordion and double bass.
  5. Tango «Verano Porteno».
  6. Armik - Tango Flamenco.
  7. La Cumparsita -Tango.
  8. Cirque Du Soleil - Querer.
  9. «El Tango de Roxanne» (movie «Moulin Rouge»).
  10. Jazmine Sullivan- Bust Your Windows (k / f "Step Up 3").

Passionate newlyweds dance

Things to consider when choosing a wedding Tango

Dance - it is not just a combination of movements to the beatMusic is a way of self-expression pairs. Tango will light a fire in the eyes of the Suite, showing passionate love. But by choosing to execute mesmerizing dance of passion at a wedding party, keep in mind that there are some significant points that the couple should pay particular attention to:

  • Silhouette of the bride dresses should not hamper themovements to freely perform all pas. For this option will suit styles or shortened front with a narrow cut, laid bare leg. Move in the lush dress will be much more difficult, then it is better to choose a tango-waltz, having a smooth motion. Conservative brides better change before the dance, in this case it is necessary to think over the outfit is not white. The ideal solution would be red or black shades.
  • Footwear for women is preferable and stablecomfortable over medium-heeled, better strap fixing leg. Rehearse Wedding tango right in it, to keep your feet used to it. If you desire to be in luxury shoes at the wedding, absolutely unsuitable for dancing prevails - the change of notation before the performance.
  • Dynamic, rhythmic, combined into complexmovement combination can quickly tire the Suite in the early evening, so execution time should not be too long. Pick composition lasting no more than 2 minutes.

Dramatic movement of the newlyweds in the tango

A selection of wedding Tango

The whole gamut of feelings newlyweds, from desire,fight of characters and ending with tenderness and a sensual look in his eyes, expresses Wedding tango. It ranks third in popularity among newlyweds, wedding guests hitting its spectacular nature. As a result of painstaking training bride and groom show a spectacular view, which reveals the harmony of the senses and the essence of relations between the two lovers. Selection options tango performance for different melodies will help you to determine the nuances of the first dance as a married couple.