Wedding father and daughter dance

Wedding celebrations accompanied by manytouching tradition, leaving a trace in the hearts of those present. One of them - a wedding dance of father and daughter. This dance number performed immediately after the newlyweds first dance as husband and wife and can be made in different styles, different music. Speech of the bride with the pope symbolizes farewell culprits celebrations with their families, the transition to the family of the groom. As a rule, such a moment is all present genuine sense of joy and light sadness, and sometimes sincere tears.

What style is to be wedding dance of father and daughter?

Style white father and daughter dance can be anything. For example, the popular improvisational version of the statement, the classic romantic rumba or waltz. If relatives have a good dance skills, they can come up with a more interesting variation of the performances or to arrange a room surprise. The final choice depends on the style of the celebration theme, chosen music. The main thing that statement fits into the overall atmosphere of the event, and during the partners in the speech was comfortable. Then the room will be an exciting, touching event.

Wedding father and daughter dance

If for some reason the bride's dad could notattend the wedding, there is another way out - to make his step-father, brother or uncle. There are times when the event there are two important relative to girls - and dad stepfather. In this case, the bride can dance with both men, dividing the room into two parts: the first devoted to native Pope, the second - the receiver.

improvisational dance

Basically relatives choose improvisationalstyle for wedding white dance - Dad with his bride not rehearse before the event, but just move to the music. If both partners for performance feel comfortable and confident without preparation, this style is ideal. Improvisational number, in which the father and the bride the first time in a long time instead of moving to the music, cause a storm of feelings and emotions, as in dancing, and those who are watching this beautiful act.

Classical dance: waltz, rumba

If the pope with his daughter already has somedance experience, they can arrange a beautiful performance - dance classic waltz, or rumba from the Latin program. Good staging traditional rooms will look great in photos and video, will amaze guests sharpened movements, will enjoy dancing partner.

To statement failed, the bride and dad needbe sure to spend some preliminary rehearsals, performances, and even better to do it with a professional choreographer. If the partners do not want to use the classic program, there is another option - to arrange the original dance show surprise.

What song to choose as background music?

Select ringing tones that are suitable for this partevent depends on personal taste and preferences of families, numbers of subjects. For a classic waltz fit modern instrumental music, famous works by Strauss, Wagner, Chopin, songs to the rhythm of waltz. If this rumba - there are a lot of works executed in this genre. As a composition for improvisational performances suitable variant slow melody with words devoted to this action.

Bride dancing with father at wedding

Top 10 songs for the father-daughter dance

Choose songs for dance with Dad White canIt is difficult, so the hero of the occasion is to learn a few known compositions that can be used during the performance. See a selection with a variety of tunes for a wedding setting - a classic waltz, rumba touching, beautiful songs with words devoted to his father:

  1. I. Demarin - Invite your father's white dance
  2. Sviridov - Waltz "Snowstorm"
  3. Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers
  4. Kobzon - Daughter
  5. I. Nikolaev - a small daughter
  6. Daiquiri - Pope
  7. E. Doga - Waltz
  8. Lara Fabian - I am who I am (for rumba)
  9. Sting - Shape of my Heart (Rumba)
  10. Chopin - April dreams

How to prepare for the wedding dance of father and daughter?

Relatives can not prepare for this part of theevents, and do it yourself or hire an instructor. If a couple has a setting for a dance experience, Dad with his daughter may well pick up the song themselves, to prepare a room. If relatives do not feel confident, it is better to hold one or two sessions with a choreographer who tells you how to move better, what song to choose.

Speech by the pope and his daughter - a touchingevent, which is an important aspect of the wedding event. To everything was great, the relatives should be discussed in advance dance style, choose the appropriate music, if necessary - to carry out the preliminary rehearsals. With good preparation room will be an unforgettable event of the evening.