Wedding dance - video tutorials

Dance of the bride and groom - a required elementany wedding celebration. This is a crucial moment, the event, which will be glued all eyes at the wedding, so the couple must show their best side. What do you do when the couple dancing badly or do not know how to do it at all? It will be useful to turn to friends or instructors for the lessons, but if this is not possible (high employment, lack of material resources, shyness, etc.), Even at home is easy to learn how to properly dance beautifully.

Slow wedding dance

Lessons setting wedding dance

Statement of wedding dance - it is responsibleactivity, but does not require excessive tension. Do not worry, if something will not turn out the technique, because the meaning is not in the pedantic fulfillment, and sensuality that couple can express through dance. If true love among the young is, that number will perfect. Will only have to pay attention to some of the nuances that will make the first dance Suite is especially spectacular:

  1. If the guy is a bad move or excessivelyhesitates before he has learned to go to a few sports training or workout at home. Confidence in your body will allow him to be confident in their dance.
  2. If a guy is shy, Participate with him ina number of public events: go to the exhibition, an open lecture on the street dance at auction, in the cafe, another crowded place. Enter it into practice - uncertainty goes, and the performance will not be as confusing groom.
  3. If the guy is still moving bad charge support him, make room less amplitude.
  4. If a girl moves bad, add the staging as many supports as possible.
  5. If wedding shoes women high heels too, before the performance should wear something more comfortable.
  6. If you're going to dance ballroom dance, the music should be appropriate.
  7. If you want to dance to "their" song, that number will have to upgrade, make more free, or change the arrangement of the composition under the ballroom rhythm.
  8. Begin training in advance. It will take at least a month of lessons, intensive training, as the body needs to get used to the unusual activity.
  9. Train near the mirror, remove the lessons at the camera - so you'll be able to look at myself from the outside and keep the memory of this cheerful, romantic minutes.

Wedding Dance in the Middle Ages

Wedding waltz

Waltz - simple and common tofestive wedding dance, because with its beauty, elegance - just learn to waltz movements. The main thing - to bring to the automaticity addl chief waltz step. When it will get you automatically, every waltz pas will turn you easily, you're going to look and feel naturally at ease on the dance floor.

Wedding tango

Wedding dance can be in the style of tango. It is a dance of passion, and therefore perfect for a pair of lovers whose feelings are running high to the limit. Learning to dance the tango you can with an instructor, or relying on the training video. You can always vary the tango movement, add support and stage movement. This will facilitate the memorization will add romance and naturalness in your speech.

The first dance of the young

The first dance of the newlyweds may not benecessarily a professional. It may consist of ordinary dance movements slow dance, but these movements are easy to vary the scenic elements, supports, slopes, reflecting a vibrant, romantic atmosphere in a pair. To learn and perform a dance sketch future spouses will be easy, because it is simple and does not consist of complex movements grading program.

Slow mix

A variation of the previous one, "free", the rooms haveSlow mix. This improvisation, performed by a pair of your favorite music using the familiar dance steps, but decorated with different slopes, and supports attacks. The main requirement - a contact and sensuality, not in the rest of the restrictions. These dance moves do not necessarily learn, and enough emotional contact in pairs, understanding each other intuitively.

Wedding Dance - is the embodiment of sensualitycouples, romance and a symbol of unity, which means that it must be done emphasis. Even well-rehearsed staging room might look artificial, if it does not run that spark that makes a single pair. But the technique is important, because the first dance - it is also a demonstration of the beauty, dignity couples. Keep this in mind when choosing a style of dance, and video tutorials to help you in your spare time and in a comfortable environment to learn how to dance well.