Wedding dance the bride and groom

Wedding - a great event in the life of youngpeople, and each pair of dreams that the triumph was perfect: it is necessary to properly consider all the details of the holiday scenario. The highlight of the program after the registration of the marital relationship would be a wedding dance the bride and groom, opens a large-scale celebration. To dance action looked really great and touching heroes of the occasion will have to take care of the preparation of its rooms.

What should be a wedding dance the bride and groom

What will be the first dance of newly spousesIt depends on individual choice. Each pair has its own special story that will tell through dance number. It can be a gentle, innocent, cute dancing people in love, tenderly holding hands, or passionate, playful action, hinting at the "hot" nature of the relationship of bride and groom. The choice of dance must be conditional solely taste of young people, their own vision of the Union - only this number will touch the hearts of the guests present.

Variants of the wedding dance can bedifferent, but the general point is still there - all movements should be well rehearsed. I'm sure many were dancing a slow dance at various events and danced cheerful rhythms in clubs, but it is radically different from what will be the first performance of young people as husband and wife. Even if both spouses have good skills and get into the rhythm, it is not guaranteed that during the execution they will look good, so it is important to at least a few rehearsals.

Touching groom dancing with the bride
  • Ideal - by staging dancewedding choreographer who created many of the original rooms for couples. Specialist easily detect weaknesses, see the strengths of the bride and groom will help you choose the best music, in order to fully express the idea newlyweds. If the heroes of the occasion is not too strong in the art of dance, choreographer professional wedding make movements as simple as possible, but the stately and graceful.
  • If the bride and groom do not want to spend money onprofessional services, you still need to practice. This can be done at home or in the banquet hall, which will host the celebration. It will be useful to dance, wearing wedding shoes, and future wife should always train in crinoline skirt if lush festive attire. In the absence of mirrors in place activities necessary to ask anyone to remove a dance on a mobile phone or camera to review the video and later adjust the movement to improve the formulation of the wedding.

Beautiful dance number newly spouses

Options for the newlyweds first dance at the wedding

There are many variations of wedding dancethe bride and groom. This can be a heartwarming classic Viennese waltz, slow waltz, Argentine tango bright, playful samba, graceful rumba or individually-designed setting. If a themed wedding, the main characters of the holiday can now create a costume show, reflecting the style of the event. 2 months before the celebration of the best options to explore existing newlywed rooms to ultimately come up with something of their own - a unique and interesting.

We should also be said about such an interesting genreexecution of the dance numbers, a dance with a surprise. As a rule, this dance begins with a slow classical music that has gained popularity among marrying couples. The bride and groom hugging each other gently, moving to the beat, and the guests are preparing for sweet graceful presentation. After a while (40-60 seconds), the music ends abruptly, the couple look at each other in surprise and after a few moments begin to dance provocatively under a completely different composition - rock 'n' roll, east, Latin.

An unusual and amazing dance-surprise

Particularly impressive it looks an elementwedding program, if a bride convertible dress with removable skirt - surprise guests would be no limit on cutting climate change. Staging should be individualized, and to do it is only together with the choreographer, not to turn a beautiful performance in unusual clown number.

Traditional slow

Traditional slow dance perfectfor couples with delicate relationship. Number emphasize sincere love of the spouses, will make guests moved. It can be elegant or refined waltz Latin rumba - all depends on the desires honeymooners. Slow setting is ideal for events, sustained in strict classical style.

Original and unusual

For the bride and groom who want to emphasizeindividual pairs, perfect staging unusual wedding dance, which is rarely seen at such festivities. It can be a beautiful tango, hinting at the passion between partners or anything of the Latin American program - languid cha-cha-cha, colorful samba, jive or rapid magnificent paso doble.

Cool dance the bride and groom

Dance surprise - this is an unusual statement whichwill delight guests of the event will allow the newlyweds fun dance program to open a beautiful holiday. To create such a representation, it is necessary to make cuts to your favorite songs, come up with interesting movements, all of them well-rehearsed.

Music and songs for the first dance young

Another important stage of preparation for the dancewedding rooms - song selection. Some couples even before the wedding know what will be the melody of their first dance as husband and wife, but for many, this issue remains unresolved, and a few months before the holiday. First, the song should reflect the nature of the relationship of the future spouses. This may be a composition that symbolizes the acquaintance of a young couple, their plans for the future. Secondly, the melody must be perfectly suited to the style of dance that wants to fulfill the newly formed couple.

Beautiful setting to the music of a waltz

Proceed as follows from the facultiesHoneymoon: for example, how easy they are given a hit in the rhythm pattern setting. Some choreographers have noted that the future bride and groom selected song can be extremely difficult to perform the dance. This is especially true melodies without words, where there is a clear focus - then the bride and groom have a chance to miss the transition to the next part of the dance. In this case, it is recommended to replace the song to the one where there is a word or choose a composition with distinct transitions for clarity.

Most young couples prefer music withoutwords or English songs, but also a lot of Russian songs fit perfectly and emphasize the beautiful wedding atmosphere. See a selection of popular tunes, acquired popularity among honeymooners, select tracks for the performance of their joint dance numbers at the event:

  • Sara Brightman - Hijo de la Luna
  • Eros Ramazzotti and Tina Turner - Cose della Vita
  • Tony Braxton - Unbreak my heart
  • The destination point - in front of everybody
  • Florence and the Machine - Never let me go
  • Diana Gurska - Be with you

Wedding dance - this is a special time of the programevents, which are looking forward to both the bride and groom and all the guests a magnificent holiday. During the dance numbers of the audience will be able to see the love of partners, even better to feel the depth of feelings heroes of the occasion. Well rehearsed and carefully prepared the dance will not leave anyone indifferent and will remain beautiful memories with pictures and videos.