The first dance of the newlyweds

Beautiful, touching tradition formedfor centuries, and is still alive in our turbulent times. Each whole wedding ballroom for their first dance provided the young. How do you want to remember them this dance forever! And not only them! Beautiful newlyweds first dance takes for the soul of all the guests present. It is important to express to him all my feelings, to show how the couple love each other. A look, a whisper, shaking hands, a gentle kiss - it is appropriate to all.

Emotional young dance

Select first the newlyweds dance

Newlyweds should decide under what melodythey are willing and able to dance their first mating dance: the composition should be well rehearsed, and that she must look beautiful, solemn. Traditionally, for such a case is selected waltz, but if the bride and groom do not know how to waltz or do not have time to learn, then they can choose any other dance in its sole discretion. It is important that both partners are able to dance well, then the couple will look harmonious.


Old as the hills, but this is always fresh, welcome,romantic, lovely waltz! Most couples choose their first dance solemn newlyweds this option. Choose music to it is easy, it can be a classic or modern processing all the old favorite tunes.

Waltz by young or mature pair willnice look, if the elements of dance will be performed correctly. Slow rhythmic whirling Suite makes the whole audience breathless and staring at the lovely couple.

Immortal wedding waltz

But, to make it look original, will have to take a few lessons from a choreographer. The result will be stunning.


This dance is for those couples who do nothesitate to express their feelings in public. Tango dance is called love, passion, very important to show your passion so that it felt around, light all around. It's not just a dance - a little performance, the couple appear as actors. Here we need to forget about the complexes, be liberated, even twice, then your feelings overwhelm the whole room.

A passionate tango by honeymooners

Dancing in the style of Latin

Select this dance is one pair, which hesuited by temperament, then the couple will look at it organically. If they do not have the proper training for a dance choreography in the Latin style, we strongly recommend to take a few lessons from a professional. Latin American dances - a firework of emotions, limitless expression, passion. Movement is so extraordinary, that learning them is not easy, but with proper preparation you show something from which a banquet hall will be delighted.

Incendiary Latin dance

Music for the first dance

Newlyweds should agree between themselves whatmusical style they will use for the first wedding dance. It is better if the music will be very special to them, in addition, it is important that the melody associated with some pleasant events in life, always liked both spouses.

The modern Russian popular songs suitable include:

  • "A fairy tale in my life," Vladimir Kuzmin,
  • "Kitten" Alexander Malinin,
  • "In the sky" Taisiya Povaliy,
  • "I love you to tears" by Alexander Serov.

From foreign songs are considered interesting Ten Sharp «You», Aerosmith «I Do not Want To Miss A Thing», Mandy Moore «It's Gonna Be Love».

Unforgettable Classics is one of the bestsolutions: enchanting melody Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers" by F. Chopin "Spring Waltz" by G. Sviridov "Snowstorm" - the best examples of this. This music is able to touch the deepest strings of the soul, to convey a vibrant, intimate feeling.

Beautiful setting first dance

The first wedding dance sets the tone for all youngupcoming party. Guests are closely watching how the couple move as carefully and gently groom leads the bride as easily flutters bride, whether their eyes glow with happiness. There is a mini-rehearsal for the upcoming relationship of husband and wife, the young are a kind of test for compatibility. There is a belief: how beautiful and correctly put the first dance, so friendly, will be strong this young family.

Dance lessons with choreographer

If you want to impress guests and non-trivialelegant first dance, then just need to think about preparing in advance. In the absence of bridal dance experience is recommended to take dance lessons with a choreographer who will help you choose a certain individual style and the right melody for the first magical newlyweds dance will staging sensual, sincere rooms.

Seek help from a teacher neededabout a month and a half before the wedding to have time for learning the movements. To put a number of interesting things you will need at least 5-6 sessions, you also need to practice hard at home. Listening to the advice of a teacher, you will feel a cut above. Lessons of choreography - an exciting experience, and it is possible that after the preparation of the wedding rooms you have not yet come into the studio again to plunge into the magical world of dance.


If there is at least some dance experience, andin the absence of your city dance studio, you can take the risk to do staging their first wedding dance yourself. There are a number of advantages. Professional trainers have to pay, and you yourself will be able to practice for free, right at home, having free time. Pick your liking dance moves that are suitable to you in difficulty.

A good helper, counselor atself-staged dance will be the Internet, use its resources. There you will find a melody for the dance, as well as video tutorials available. Let selected melody sounds and in the meantime you try to imagine what the motion is appropriate. It is recommended to use the rehearsal shoes, which are planning a wedding shoe, the foot should be used to it.

Self-training dance will help to avoidconsuming, but would require more time than with a choreographed operation, moreover, this method may not be effective. Therefore, consider all the "pros" and "cons", the right to vote their strength and capabilities, so that through many years was not ashamed to show your children and grandchildren, as you once danced.

How to announce the first dance

After the "first table" for abundant toastslove and happiness of young leading solemnly announces the first dance, then asks the parents, relatives and friends to support Suite - stand in a circle around them and create a kind of talisman.

Young guests are dancing in a circle

While young dancing, the guests watched a dance and applause help them, do not you feel the support of a huge happy family. After the dance of master word is: "Bitter young!".

Lesson wedding dance

The first wedding dance - sensual, sincere,elegant - will leave a mark in your heart for a lifetime. After many more decades, you will get a CD with wedding recording to enjoy this wonderful moment.

Do you have any ideas touching dance performances newlyweds? Share them with other readers in the comments, it will be interesting!