Statement of wedding dance

Wedding - a celebration for two, which is thenstored on the rest of his life. All your guests will come close to you to share a moment of happiness that day, so it is extremely important to do everything perfect, perfect. Wedding dance - this is the first romantic moment just started married life. Many approach this issue not just as another slow dance, it is for them a special event that you need to prepare in advance, to sharpen every pas. Therefore, setting a wedding dance is a special moment in the preparatory process for the wedding.

Statement of wedding dance at home

Before you do the actual formulation,you must decide on the style of dance: can take tango or waltz classical dancing that you fill in all the elegantly decorated room, maybe it will be a bright Latina expressing your passion for each other, or something else. Choose very difficult, because, to determine the most difficult task - is to learn it from the beginning to the end, and then another to hone every move.

The first dance repetstitsiya

To place a tango or a waltz in the homeconditions requires certain skills and knowledge. You can find any video on the Internet, trying to study with him. But this will be very small in order to in the end it turned out, at least the same result, and as a maximum - a perfect dance of the newlyweds. I need a professional in this business.

Prepare the wedding dance at home meanschoreographic knowledge of one of the lovers. You have the ability to ease the problem and come up with something plain, under the cheerful song with funny movements. It simultaneously amuse your guests and you yourself will not sit up on his own wedding. So you save on the choreographer and a variety of scenario toastmaster.

Short funny wedding dance production

Production of the first wedding dance

Since you took up this difficult matter, theTake seriously the process of staging dance. Spend maximum time, patience, and support each other emotionally. Try to adhere to the advice described below to make it easier and faster it went:

  • Decide with the idea of ​​what style you will dance lighter and easier to learn;
  • Start by finding the information you need, the training video lessons, live examples on different weddings;
  • Pick music. Only the melody can convey the sensuality of your love in a wedding dance;

The choice of wedding music
  • For the whole process must be two, so during the preparation participate exclusively together - from start to finish;
  • Divide the selected setting apart and sharpen each individually, give more time for the most pa Practice;
  • After learning each subsequent piece, connect it with the previous one and each time you will turn out better;
  • Do not take on the burden of a long statement to learn: it was better that the length of the wedding dance is a small but perfectly polished;
  • Do not worry, the most important event in my life has happened, so just enjoy the moment, dancing wedding waltz or tango before invited guests.

Happy moment wedding dance performances

Do choreographer need for setting

Self-dance show onthe wedding is often a daunting task for the two parties, so it is better to resort to the services of a professional choreographer who, hand in training, bring the matter to an end. Applying for this service to a professional dancer, your classes will be held: only on an agreed schedule between you, he can come to your home to give as much time as required by the training. The main thing - to get the expected result from the staging of the wedding.

Wedding posing with choreographer

Do not worry if none of the newlywedsnever before has the practice of dance, put your trust in an experienced teacher and it will help in the short term to learn the most beautiful waltz. To hire a choreographer to be paid the money, and not everyone can afford it. But after the wedding - it's not monotonous everyday life, it is time for all of your eyelids, so here is misplaced.

Lesson: setting wedding dance

In search of a suitable composition, sometimesit is difficult to decide, it does not always like what is offered. So please be patient and be prepared to the fact that it will take a considerable amount of time. Choose a dance that is not complicated in the formulation, the concept of movement and interest to your pair.

If the wedding day some of you will forgeta movement, not terrible, just give a sense of mutual love and stations as your first dance as you suggest that feelings and special moments. Tune in to a wave of her beloved partner, look at these gentle eyes and not think about anything except the pleasure of the present moment of life. Be creative happiness and love for each other in every moment, and you will succeed!