Wedding bolero with long sleeves - the popular models for brides with photos

After marrying the Prince of Wales and KateMiddleton, many newlyweds began to choose their outfits with lace top, a capping shoulders and back. This detail adds a decoration image of the bride greater tenderness and romance. Lace, transparent, fur, satin fabric used to sew wedding cropped jackets. What to look for when choosing the details of this wedding dress for the bride? What are the different models of wedding bolero?

Models bridal bolero with long sleeves

Bolero is a short jacketup to mid-back. Modern fashion offers this model with an unusual dress styles, which covered his chest and bare arms and shoulders, but the classic bolero open décolleté, but instead closes the arms, shoulders. Elegant wedding decoration element on the shoulders of the girl give a special charm to the celebration. When this detail dress the bride, it is desirable that its material and color were close to the shade and fabric dresses. It is better to first pick up the dress, and it has to look for this accessory:

Its version in white color will emphasize all the advantages of the bride's hands and give her the image of aristocracy, refinement.
The contrast between the tone and the color of the dress shortened jacket is appropriate only under the condition that the upper mantle on the shoulders will be in one palette with a bouquet or decoration on the girl's head.

Wedding bolero with wide sleeves to the bottom

By royal bride will look in the dress,supplemented with short lace jacket until the middle of the back and long sleeves that extend to the bottom. On thin girl this piece of clothing will accentuate her wasp waist, and plump hands help hide the volume. Hanging lace edge on the wrist will give the image of a newlywed romance, sophistication.

Wide sleeves on wedding cropped jackets

Lace bolero with tight sleeves

Newlyweds with beautiful, delicate handsperfect lace short jacket to cover up a part of the back. This element is able to make a dress Woman like a modern princess, because this lace detail dress was Kate Middleton when she married Prince UK. In the spring or summer, the perfect accompaniment guipure cape over his shoulders, covering his hands, with the dress on the straps or open top. Collar part of the model covers the shoulders and back, but only slightly covers the décolleté.

Wedding bolero with tight long-sleeved lace

With long sleeves and collar small stands

Delicate and feminine looks Honeymoonshort jacket, which covered his arms and the collar in the form of small stands. Models of this style can be sewn from lace, satin or light transparent fabric. Their distinctive feature is that it can be buttoned on buttons of just below the neck. Long sleeves in such a model may have different styles: extended to the bottom, skinny. The bride in a short cape with a collar on the shoulders of small stands looks spectacular, stylish.

Wedding models shortened Bolero with small stands

Bolero Satin

Short satin white jacket will be finelook with the dress, in which there are parts of similar material. Its styles may be different, but because the atlas is a dense material, some of it custom made model with the royal stand-up collar. In them you will feel like a medieval princess. The length of the ultrashort satin jacket can be slightly lower than the underarm and lightly cover the chest area, up to the middle of the back and front buttoning a few buttons.

Satin bolero covering the bride's hands

Fur long-sleeved

A great part of the wedding dress in winterseason could be shortened fur jacket, the length of which is limited to the middle of the back. He will warm the bride and give her the image of gentleness, tenderness. Fluffy jackets dressed as a bride may have different styles: too short or reaching to the middle of the back, button-down or fastened on the rope. To produce this type of garment models use natural or artificial fur. Collar with some models decorated with fluffy fur strip.

Wedding cropped fur bolero with long sleeves

Bolero of fine mesh

Feminine and gentle looks short jacket,Length up to middle of the back, a thin mesh. Transparent material emphasizes the beauty of the hands and the body of the bride. Lace inserts on the edges of the model and the original collar in the form of compressed layers of mesh are perfect addition to that has an open top. Bride it will be similar to a mysterious princess. Beautiful transparent model with lush long sleeves, lace in the upper chest and collar-small stands suitable for dress straps.

Cropped jackets in the wedding dress of the grid

Benefits bolero with long sleeves

Elegant jacket in a wedding image bride - itfashionable, actually. Guipure, satin and fur ultra jackets look great and make the image of the bride's more feminine, harmonious. However, using it is still possible to adjust the shape and feel more comfortable at the ceremony. This item of clothing has a number of practical features:

Does the image of the bride's modest, pure, so perfect for the wedding ceremony.
It gives along individuality.
Hides figure flaws as broad or narrow shoulders, and emphasizes the waist.
After the wedding, the toilet piece can be worn on other festive events.
In cool weather ultrashort satin or fur jacket warms, protects from light rain or snow.

Photo Wedding bolero with sleeves

Elegant kind wedding dress with a light,shortened to the middle of the back jacket, fascinates the girls, so they choose this style to his wedding. When purchasing this part of the wedding dress should pay attention that the truncated jacket will focus the attention of others to the top of the dress, so it should be perfect:

To hide the fullness of the hands, the bride is better to combine with the free open dress shortened lace jacket.
And to give a more balanced view of the girl with narrowshoulders will help volume or guipure Satin model of this type of clothing. Never wear a short jacket with clothing, which has a V-shaped neckline.
If the dress a lot of rhinestones, beads and other decorations, it can be supplemented by an ultrashort jacket without bright elements.
And if the bride dress has a modest appearance, the cape on the shoulders can richly adorned with shiny details.

Wedding bolero, which cover the arms

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