Wedding shoes: how not to be mistaken with a choice?

Every bride dreams of, that her wedding was heldwithout difficulty: all the guests admired her beauty, and she soars into the clouds, shrouded in happiness, and dancing the night away. And now the question: how many times have you bought a new delightful pair of shoes, and then realize that they do not fit your wardrobe, but still gave you corn in five minutes? Yes, every girl had such problems, but the wedding is once in a lifetime, and there is no room for error.

Our wedding portal will tell you how to find the perfect pair.

  • Harmony.

    Please dress - then the shoes and other accessories! In no case shall not vice versa - it is the golden rule. It would not have been good thulium alone, do not buy them ahead of time - risking just throw your money away, or look ridiculous. Shoes must be combined with the dress color: today in wedding fashion as many different colors, you have to be careful - even a difference of a semitone can be noticeable. Pay attention to the details of her dress: maybe there is a certain pattern or embroidery. Then look for shoes with similar elements. If these do not find, it is best to choose shoes without ornaments.

  • laced shoes

  • Heel.

    In this regard, there may be multiple solutions: from high heels to ballet. First, look at what you would normally go: If you have only one pair of high heels, and in it you uncomfortable, it is not worth risking your wedding day - select a heel no higher than 6 cm If you are still a lover of the fine. studs 9 cm and above, I suggest again trying on a dress with the shoes you are interested in the height - not every bride can afford a heel. Important note - the distance between the hem of her dress and the floor should not exceed 2-3 cm If not, you run the risk of looking ridiculous.. And remember about the groom - we recommend not be higher than its growth at the wedding.

  • Shoes with heels

  • The size.

    Talk with experienced brides, and you hearmany stories, once the wedding night, pulling the legs of the shoes, they could not get into them again. Of course, the problem of swelling of the legs is familiar to many, but in most cases, it is wrong to choose the size of shoes. Remember: if the shoes you even a little small or large - do not even think to buy. Search for your perfect match!

  • A type.

    Wedding Shoes in Yekaterinburg enoughdiverse and every bride can find her a pair. Classic version of the boat will be on average heel - they fit to any dress. Ballerinas - option for very tall girls or, conversely, fragile little princesses. Shoes without spikes only emphasizes the bride's youth. And, of course, it's your choice if you are in life heels do not recognize. Fashionable once lace boots are in great demand today, but under the dress to the floor, this type of shoe is chosen rarely - often under dresses short in front, but with a loop at the rear (by the way, the perfect image for a wedding in the style of a circus). Sandals buying a bride, who do not believe in omens (say barefoot bride to be with her future husband). But notes that this type of footwear is ideal for those with swollen feet - sandals will not crush, so be comfortable all day. Booties also included in wedding fashion - designers for the recognition of this shoe is almost the most convenient, because the tightly holds the leg. It is true that option is suitable to a rare dress ...

  • Ballerinas at the wedding


  • Be aware of the nuances

    . If you're at a wedding in stockings, alwaysmete shoes nylon sock - if not, then on bare feet! Always ask for a couple of whole, not just one shoe. If the couple approached, then walk around in it at least five minutes. After buying the house necessarily Pomeroy shoes with the dress - see the whole image, and then stay in the chosen pair at least a few hours - walk around the apartment, try to dance. The legs are not tired, and you feel comfortable? Congratulations, you have found the perfect wedding shoes!

The choice of wedding shoes - a complicated process, but the more seriously and thoroughly you approach the subject, the less surprises will be your main day.

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