Wedding garter of the bride

Needless to say that such a "wedding womengarter "? .. This beautiful lacy attribute of female legs in the form of strips or gum, in the distant past support stockings, and now serving exclusively for the beauty and romance? I think that with garter familiar, at least indirectly, everything.

The tradition of the bride throwing the wedding garterIt originated in the 14th century, appearing due to superstition, if a particle of the bride or groom dress will bring the house received a "celebratory trophy" luck and love. During the after-dinner festivities every guest wanted to tear at least shred of attire "lucky." The holiday could turn into vandalism. And that did not happen, such as the tradition itself evolved - the bride became voluntarily give coveted accessory wedding guests.

On our wedding garter of the bride throwing the wedding often takes place in the end of the banquet, and just before throwing the bride's bouquet.

As a rule, this time accompanied by beautifulmusical composition. All unmarried men gather around the bride, sitting or even standing on a chair. The groom must carefully remove the wedding garter, and then throw it to their unmarried friends. For because of the numerous petticoats, hoops and other. Removing wedding garter bride does not become an impossible task, the bride to the groom can help in this difficult matter, or remove herself wedding garter from the leg. Beautiful and romantic looks, if the groom removes the garter bride's lips, as if to remove this action on a photo or video, it will be a long time to warm you in moments of sadness or nostalgia.

Catch the garter, this delicate piece promiseshappiness and early marriage. In America, the "happiness" is confirmed by dancing with a girl who later catch the bride's bouquet. Catch a wedding garter guy also has the right to wear the garter on he liked the girl's wedding - as a symbol of the serious intentions and pure love.

In the West, the tradition of removing the garter-throwing bride is no less important than the first dance of the newlyweds.

In North America, the bride dresses just twowedding garters, one, the bottom (known as "happy"), as it is everywhere, is designed for guests - unmarried friends of the bridegroom, and the second ( "sweet", "honey") - for the husband: he removes her on their wedding night. The distance between the first and second - at least half of the palm. it is not recommended to do less, or in a hurry and excitement of a bride once the risk of just two.

By and large, choose how to wear a wedding garters, it depends on the willingness of the bride. As for men, it seems, this delicate part of the female toilet is exactly received with enthusiasm.

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