Wedding Fashion 2013 bride accessories

Accessories - it's those little things that makejust a nice outfit perfect. Details give the image of perfection and expressiveness. But some things - they are separate works of art. We offer an overview of the bride accessories trends in 2013.

Bright shoes bride

This year, the designers make us happy and colorfulunusual shoes from the color palette to fabulous fashions. The same applies to the bride's shoes. Think of the juicy shades shoes. The trend of the season - yellow, particularly popular "lemon" wedding. You can choose shoes of positive color, choose appropriate decorations and bouquet of himself, as well as the groom wear, as suggested by modern designers. This is a great option for a fun informal wedding, where many young people.

Bright shoes bride

Clip in hair

Jewellery hair will make the image of an elegant andfeminine. Pins - a good replacement option veils. In addition, they look great on a bride with short hair. You can choose how difficult compositions of suspensions, and more modest monolithic pins. The last look beautiful on smooth hairstyles, assures site.

Clip in hair

Hair hoop

Hoop - another analogue of the veil. Look through magazines about the art of hairdressing. Pick the option of laying a hoop that fits your style. And then - podyschu actual hoop. Stylists are advised to pay attention to the decoration of thin threadlike crystals.

Bride Hair Hoop

Bracelet of flowers

Flowers are all the rage. Now they have moved from the hair on the bride's hands. For example, fashion offers bracelets of flowers. You can try a gentle and romantic pastel bracelets, and a colorful mix of tropical flowers. In any case, such an ornament will look original and attractive.

Bracelet bride with flowers

a dress belt

Now it is fashionable to decorate the wedding dress belt,because such an accessory underlines the waist and slender feminine silhouette as a whole. Belts beautifully interspersed with relatively simple models of dresses. It can be considered as a belt of crystals and pearls to match the dress, and bolder options. For example, bright-ribbon belt, the ends of which fall down to the floor, golden ligature, neat belt with a bow or a flower.

bride Belt

Gloves for brides

Gloves - is one of the main trends of 2013. In addition to classic satin and lace options, look at the color gloves. White dress, bright gloves, shoes, a belt and a bouquet - that's the dress code of modern bride. Deciding to wear to the wedding bright accessories, check out previously with the symbols of colors to bring good luck and happiness in marriage counsels wedding portal

Bride with colorful gloves

Bolero and shawl

Bolero as part of the bride's wedding dressToday in fashion. It can be lace detail dress, or of the same material as the dress, or a contrasting color. If the bride decided not to wear a veil, it is possible to think of a transparent shawl she nakinet shoulders to complete the image.

Bride in the bolero

Brooches to the dress

Brooch - elegant decoration, which allowsdemonstrate individuality. Brooch - Accessory kings and persons of noble birth. With brooches can be selected to emphasize the theme and style of the wedding. Unfortunately, until recently, these ornaments are rarely used in dresses brides. However, the modern fashion allows you to correct this situation. Elegant brooches perfectly set off the dress, fix, if necessary, a shawl, and underline the selected image of the bride.

Brooch for the bride

Modern fashion in accessories a bride is enoughdiverse and offers many options and combinations. Choose those items that will complete the image of organic, complement each other, and most importantly - will disclose your subtle and multi-faceted nature.

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