Wedding accessories

TO wedding accessories include such additions to the bride as well asbride's veil, gloves, jewelry, shoes and more. Did you know that in addition to veil as headgear as bridal accessories, you can use a tiara, tiara live or artificial flowers - depending on the style and dress your taste. The most impressive flowers would look if they weave in the hair, put on his head than the finished wreath. The compositions of flowers, makes directly for the bride hairstyle can be decorated with lace or feathers.

News in our time will look at headBride and hat with a veil or not, decorated with flowers or beaded. During the cooler months can be a hat mink or sable, and combined with the cuffs, and muff bride. But most of the girls are sure that this kind of headdress makes them much older.

As for jewelry - as an integralpart of wedding accessories - then under fairly modest dress designers generally recommended to emphasize the line neckline pendant or other large decoration. Jewelry, chosen for the wedding, of course, must be combined with a headdress and hairstyle of the bride. We do not recommend to put on the hand watch. If dress quite elegant, and, accordingly, jewelryon it a lot, jewelry should be virtually unnoticeable. If any version of the main decoration of the day of solemn wedding - wedding rings.

Further, as the gloves. As with veils, gloves are not necessary wedding accessories in the dress of the bride, which she decides to wear them or not. Just keep in mind that most of the clothes without gloves acquire a kind of incompleteness. Gloves come in short, above the elbow and up to its middle. Choose they should, start from the dress. For example, the dress has no sleeves, will be an elegant look with gloves above the elbow, has short sleeves - until the middle of the elbow. Gloves inconvenient fact that during the banquet, they should be removed. This means that harmoniously combined image of the bride's wedding dress will be simply destroyed. In this case it is best to use gloves with open fingers. They can be worn at the table, and at the marriage ceremony, when the groom will need to wear a wedding ring.

In our time, it looks very fashionable hung onwrist small handbag, even more, the bag, which can be put, and a lipstick and powder box and handkerchief. In a typical case, the bag is approximately the tissue that underlies the bride's wedding dress.

When choosing wedding shoes are, no doubt,You should be the same as any other accessories for the bride, in harmony with the dress, that is combined with his style, and his tone. Shoes can be both open and closed, as the heels or without. It does not matter. If you choose shoes with heels, then, to determine its height, consider that between the board and the ground distance should not exceed 2-3 cm. The main thing is that shoes chosen for the wedding was easy, as the bride will have to hold it all day.

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