Wedding accessories

The fashion world is impermanent. The images, as in a kaleidoscope, replace each other. A catwalk fashion models on the catwalk and demonstrate all the clothes are more like theater performances. In order to be at the height of fashion, not necessarily every season to update your wardrobe. Elegant modern woman an endless race for fashion prefers to create their own style. That's what it achieves through the use of various accessories from the cravat to elegant shoes.

The role of accessories in the history of costume is very high. Various accessories and fragrances, such as perfume molecule can create a unique image and emphasize the individuality of the modern woman.

Turning to the market of wedding accessories can benoted that his current diversity can be confusing and confused in choosing purchase. Products intended for weddings and other special events offered us the modern fashion industry, amazes by its luxury, elegance and style.

Wedding Salons in our days may submit ayour choice of luxury products. And you'll need a great self-control and self-control, so as not to get confused when choosing things you need. Of course, you can ask for help from family and friends, but as they say, many people - many opinions. So first try to think their way to the last detail, and then go to look exactly the accessories that you have planned to buy.

Wedding - a unique holiday. It is not like the others at least that is rare, and perhaps even only once in a lifetime. Therefore, any nuance, every detail of your closet should be designed and harmoniously "woven" into your invented image of the bride.

Classical Wedding Veil

Fata is very suitable for a classicimage of the bride. Lush and multi-layered, long or short - it gives a mystery, mystique and romance of the bride, creating the effect of the mysterious aura of light around it.

The most popular model can be called todaylush tiered veil of average length. With the top layer can be a veil to cover the face of the bride during the wedding ceremony in the church. Tiers in such a veil may be either the same length or may vary. It looks great with a high hairdo veil, smooth waterfall.

For gentle image of a young bride will match the veil, gently flowing from under the flower garlands, decorating the bridal hairstyle.

You can choose a magnificent veil with satin trim,lace or embroidery. Then the main thing to consider how it will look this veil in the ensemble with a wedding dress, and whether you will be able to achieve harmony dresses and accessories.

Veils Fabric can decorate small flowers, embroidered or made with the application. In this case, it is not recommended to do the veil is very lush, as will be seen a beautiful ornament.

Fata, turning into a trail, add the image of the bride's solemnity and is perfect for a formal wedding ceremonies.

Fata with a wreath or diadem

Long veil, give the bride romance. It will go perfectly with a wreath of flowers or leaves.

Flowers from ancient times accompanied by anysolemn event in people's lives. Artistically decorated with a wreath made in ancient Hellas heads guests and friends. Such a wreath woven in a special way, in its center has the most beautiful flower. And in order to permanently preserve a wreath in memory of any event, his wove of artificial flowers scented and flavored special oils.

When the Italians love serenade underwindows beloveds, they will leave a wreath at the door of her house. And from the XIII century in Europe, the bride and groom were decorated with wreaths, woven of beautiful wildflowers. Later, a wreath at the groom's buttonhole flower was replaced, pinned to the lapel of his suit.

Wreath for the modern bride isa work of art. This elegant accessory of delicate flower buds, ribbons, sparkling sequins and pearls. Usually it is a complex composition of the luxurious white flowers with the addition of vanilla, pink or salad color, giving it an even greater tenderness. Bridal wreath can also decorate the satin ribbons and beautiful iridescent rhinestones. Remarkably a wreath looks with a luxury multi-layer veil, edge is framed by sculptured or made of wide lace border.

The multi-layer veil lace in addition to the crown will make your image of an extraordinary and solemn.

A high cylinder, complete with a long veil, adorned with pearls or sequins will give the bride an image of the Amazon. Note the hair: hair is combed back.

Magnificent accessory is also a diadem. It gives the image of the bride's special grandeur and sophistication. If you chose a tiara, the flower wreath or longer you will not be needed. And the best complement to the luxurious tiara will be a long snow-white veil.

bride Hairstyle

Restrictions in the choice of wedding hairstyles not. You can put the hair in the form of unruly curls, or strictly classical beam, perform high hairstyle "Babette", popular in the 60s or to braid hair in a braid. It all depends on your imagination and your hair structure.

Fishnet gloves and a small embroidered bag withhandle of pearl strands complement your dazzling gentle way. And for extravagant ladies suit vibrant and sensual composition (eg, from red roses). It is also often used accessories pale blue. It looks fresh, unusual and spectacular, as well as for both blondes and brunettes.


Be sure to think about the wedding gloves. Their choice depends on the time of year and model of your dress. Traditionally, during the warmer months is advised, if it allows the style of your dress, or wear short fishnet gloves. In the cold season - long gloves, above the elbow. Also, the choice of gloves affected by the degree of formality of the wedding party and some other factors.

Shoes for wedding dress

Usually, brides are advised to buy wedding shoes white or light pastel colors (such as pink, champagne, pearl and cream).

Traditionally, preference is given to a classicmodel. For wedding dress suit and boots with laces, and the boat heels. Make wedding shoes made of leather, suede, satin, brocade and lace. The most important requirement: they have to sit perfectly on your foot and not cause discomfort, even after prolonged wear.


To create a gentle image of the bride to anythingget carried away excessively luxurious decorations. For the wedding dress fit a pearl necklace, a thin gold or silver chain with a small pendant. From jewelry with precious stones preferred diamond jewelry. Others are better left for evening dresses and other holidays. If the day of the wedding the groom gave you a gift of jewelry, you have to put it on the wedding ceremony.

Trust the advice of professionals, your own sense of style and intuition, and you on the day of your wedding will be irresistible and very happy!

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