How to choose a wedding veil

The first and most important step in choosing a weddingthe bride's dress is a dress. This is followed by the selection of wedding accessories, and above all the wedding veil, the bride without which the image will be incomplete.

Wedding Veil - Multi-purpose item, it does not only emphasize the beauty of the bride, but also serve as a nice decoration and a great addition to the wedding hairstyle.

Choosing a wedding veil, should be guided by several principles, the first and perhaps the most important of them - the length veils.

To choose the right length veil, should be clearlyDecide what will be your wedding hair style and what accessories you will use for its jewelry (pins, hair clips with rhinestones, crests, crown, tiara, etc.). Even without using the visible clip, you can attach a bridal veil concealed pins or invisible. You can also use the clip with Velcro, allowing you to at any time to remove the veil and do not worry that removing it will spoil the hairstyle.

The wedding veil, or veil how it is called,most commonly made from tulle, but on request it is possible to choose the veil of another material and a wide variety of colors. Not to be mistaken with the color palette, choosing a veil, taking a sample of tissue from which made the wedding dress. But more often than at the time of purchase the dress, once in place, the chosen wedding veil.

After determining the hairstyles and accessories,necessary to solve the following moment, if you want to veils could be seen in the photographs or not. Make it invisible easily, wedding veil to collect in a narrow strip, and attach the back of the hair comb.

But if you want to appear in all its glory, theselect a tiered veil. But keep in mind that such a veil, which is attached to the very top hairstyles visually add height. Therefore, if you are the same height or slightly higher than the groom should not choose a veil.

Often, wedding veil is made of tulle - A classic. But now there are a lot of auxiliary materials (satin, silk, lace, embroidery, ribbon) and accessories (rhinestones, sequins, beads, small pearls, imitation precious stones), which gives a special elegant look. This veil can be a good decoration for tall girls, moreover, often veils such as stacked. The main thing that in the end you do not look like "sparkling Christmas tree." Fata should be in harmony with the dress.

Wedding Veils-trailConsists of two parts, one second long and gentle. After removing the long train, you will be able to stay in the whole image of the bride all night.

Of course, it is possible to manage and without veils, but what the bride dreamed in his youth of how her lover after the words "may kiss the bride" lifts the veil ...

Choosing a wedding veil, it is worth remembering thatthe upper layer of tulle, which covers the bride's face should not be below the chest line, it is best when the veil edge of a centimeter above or below the neckline of your dress. At the same time the rest of the back layer may be very different lengths and shapes.

You selected the veil should be in harmony with the tiara, crown, if any, are to be. Going to trial hairstyle, bring a veil.

Perhaps the most important criterion for choosing a wedding veil is the harmony and integrity of the image of a wedding dress of the bride should be balanced and not overshadow each other.

Often girls traditionally wear their veilmother, but there is a risk that the veil will clash with the wedding dress, and besides, may look old-fashioned. But if you do decide to teach his mother a chic gift and honor her by wearing the wedding veil, to help bring them into a fitting appearance can tailor. In the hands of a professional wedding veil acquire the desired hue, suitable decorations, the desired length and shape.

Besides your wedding veil can be usefulYour daughter, so you should ask a store or salon, how to store this accessory. Yes, and it is often used as a bridal veil canopy over the crib so that the veil is far from being a useless element of the wedding dress.

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