Men's fashion accessories - tie

In business and everyday life of the modernmen there are many situations where a tie is a must. The tie may give appearance of respectability, success and masculinity. But this is only if the accessory is carefully selected, with knowledge of the latest fashion trends. If on the contrary, it will look like holder, at least ridiculous. What it is - and how to tie them to complement his suit so that he adorned it and gave completeness of your image?

The history of the tie

The spread of the tie as a male enhancementSuit world owes Germany. Prior to this, a scarf that resembles a tie, was fashionable in the ancient world, and even earlier, such scarves worn by soldiers of the Chinese emperor.

The form of the tie, which we see today,It appeared in the 17th century in the uniform of Croatian soldiers. France at the time of the rules, "the king - sun" Louis 14. During the war, he saw in Croatia neckerchiefs, which, according to his instructions, immediately he appeared at court. Now it was the neckerchiefs of the most expensive materials and lace.

With the turn-down collar, came into vogue a long tie, which showed a man of respectability and prosperity.

fashion Trends

Today, scarves and ties firmly established inList of men's fashion accessories. The most famous designers, designing menswear collection, complement the offering suits and ties for new forms and colors. On modern men no longer see the modest, nondescript tie.

The fabric should be of high quality. Then for a long time to save the form and color, elegance and dignity to be read in your appearance. The shape and color, in turn, may be completely different, but in a business suit remains traditional, the classic rules for length: 1.5 cm tie must cover the belt.

Choosing a tie

Choosing a tie - it is responsible. Think about what you want to "talk" about themselves to others, choosing a scarf or tie. Carefully choose the coloring!

The strip - an element of conservative male costume, doing business or holding administrative positions.

Ornament - often chosen by people patient, discreet, reliable.

Romantic drawing - creative nature, full of new ideas and projects.

Solid colors - pedantic people who own them.

But in this case, if a man chooses a tie itself and often prefers one coloring. If he has a lot of variety in the arsenal

options for colors, then - in front of you - the person versatile, diverse.

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