Choosing a bridal veil for the bride

By studying the latest trends in wedding fashion, it is possibleconclude that the fashion for long, classic snow-white wedding dress and veil back again. And perfect! Veil gives bride a unique areola of mystery, purity and romance, highlighting the solemnity of a wedding ceremony.

There are many different models of veils.

You can choose from a variety of the best option to be optimally combined with your wedding dress.

Thus, the most popular model in our days can becalled magnificent tiered veil of average length. With the top layer can be a veil to cover the face of the bride during the wedding ceremony in the church. Sulfates such layers can be either equal in length or may vary. It looks great with a high hairdo veil, smooth waterfall. Delicate image of a young bride will match the veil, gently flowing from under the flower garlands, decorating the bridal hairstyle.

You can choose a magnificent veil with satin trim,lace or embroidery. Then the main thing to consider how it will look this veil in the ensemble with a wedding dress, and whether you will be able to achieve harmony dresses and accessories.

Veils Fabric can decorate small flowers, embroidered or made with the application. In this case, it is not recommended to do the veil is very lush, as will be seen a beautiful ornament.

Fata, turning into a trail, add the image of the bride's solemnity and is perfect for a formal wedding ceremonies.

Long veil, give the bride romance. It will go perfectly with a wreath of flowers or leaves.

The multi-layer veil lace in addition to the crown will make your image of an extraordinary and solemn.

A high cylinder, complete with a long veil, adorned with pearls or sequins will give the bride an image of the Amazon. Note the hair: hair is combed back.

bride's hairstyle and her veil is traditionally decorateddifferent colors or leaves. Such floral trend has a profound symbolic meaning. For roses mean love, lily - emphasize the dignity of the bride, the blades of grass - demonstrate loyalty to the second half, sprig of ivy - boundless love. From Spain came the tradition of decorating the bride's hairstyle buds of orange blossom, signifies purity and innocence. This so-called "fleur-d`oranzh" - a beautiful decoration for young and lovely bride. Wearing it can only be a bride for the first time marries.

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