All the secrets of lingerie for brides

How to feel comfortable all day and nighthave a seductive look? For convenience, appropriate to the characteristics of a style wedding dress clothes, not always something that can combat the groom "by felling" on their wedding night. Output is very simple. It is necessary to buy two sets of lingerie for the bride. One should not be swept under the dress, the other - a luxurious and sexy.

Let us discuss the details.

  • If the wedding dress opens the shoulders, the bra should be strapless and tight calyx and a broad fastener at the back.
  • If the dress with an open back, then pick the appropriate model lingerie for the bride with interchanges at the waist harness.
  • If the dress with a plunging neckline, the bra with cups - halves that support the breasts.
  • There are models with push-up effect to add volume chest.

Panties selected depending on the shape of the bottompart of the dress. Under the dress of "empire" and "Princess" fit pants "slip". Dress form "year" - panties "thong" or "Tango." If you are going to wear tight-fitting dress made of thin material, then choose bezshevnoe underwear, slinky and monotonous, it is called a "second skin". It underlines the good figures line.
Fans of creative suit pants with a veil.

Corset is the most sexual elementlingerie for the bride. What is the modern corset: Bra with bones connected to the body. Corset shaped well tightens, supports the chest and forces to hold back. Its good to wear a dress, sewn on the figure.

Hide all figure flaws help polugratsii grace and body with elastic inserts on the sides. They can be made of lace, satin, jersey, with embroidered and printed.

The color of underwear for the bride depends on the color of the dress, and it is clear that the most popular - white.

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