Accessories for the bride

For accessories of the bride refers wedding jewelry, handbag, gloves,headgear, as well as various other elements of the wedding dress. A well-chosen accessories to the dress can emphasize the focus in a way that will completely change the initial opinion of the wedding dress. Accessories like to complete the image of the bride. That wedding jewelry, gloves, hair ornaments to create for each bride's style and convey the nature of her personality.

Girls romantic fit long laceveil, which is fixed on the head comb or barrette. Increasingly, as the bride headdress prefer a tiara adorned with rhinestones, precious stones or lens. It is desirable that the color of the stones combined with the color of the wedding dress. If you choose as a headdress wedding hat, keep in mind that they are ideally combined with a wedding dress fitting. With a long wedding dress that has a narrow waist and flared skirt will be in harmony hat-boater.

Choosing wedding gloves, notetime of year, model dresses and, of course, your personal desire. The material from which made gloves, must be compatible with the material of the dress and the length bridal gloves, of course, it depends on the shape and length of the sleeve. If the sleeve is slightly below the elbow, the gloves may be above the wrist, while the sleeveless dress gloves needs above the elbow, and the dress, which has a short sleeve, preferably will be combined with a glove to the elbow, or slightly above the wrist.

Now about handbags. The best option - a small bag, decorated with embroidery, pearls, beads or sequins (depending on the type of your wedding dress ornaments), is attached to the belt of her dress.

Do not forget that any fines at a wedding is veryattract people's attention. Nowadays wedding jewelry and wedding gloves are presented in a large range so that any bride could choose themselves something suitable.

A selection of accessories for the bride can help you organize a wedding stylist.

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