Wedding shoes with wedges - how to choose and photo collection of white and beige models

Wedding bride dress - this is probably thethe most important attribute of the wedding. Every self-respecting girl is well prepared for the upcoming festive event, it should be taken into account: dress, makeup, accessories, hairstyle, jewelry, shoes. Last attribute attire becomes almost the main problem: shoes that do not fit the color, the model failed, that uncomfortable. And the convenience of such a day plays an important role, because it will be a whole day in one shoe, so it is important that it was comfortable, such as wedding shoes Wedge.

Benefits wedding shoes Wedge

Wedge-heeled shoes - it's always a win-winAlternatively, the first because it is an advantage in convenience. The wedding day turns into not just a solemn moment in the life of the newlyweds, it is also a heavy holiday, which is difficult to survive, not only morally, but also physically. Comfortable shoes at his own wedding plays a significant role, but if it rubs anywhere, the holiday turns into a torture, which wants to finish quickly. Benefits for wedding shoes Wedge:

Ease wedgies for wedding

  • Such choice will be part of the original stylish image, because it is a bit recedes from the classical canons. Because of this you will look like the most unusual, so to speak, with a twist.
  • At first glance, shoes Wedge (platform)you may seem rude to the bride's attire. However, wearing them, you immediately make sure that the platform is visually slim female legs, so it is perfect for any girl who cares about how she looks.
  • These shoes you can wear not just once for his own wedding - they will become an indispensable attribute of your wardrobe and other festive events in life.
  • The platform is a fashionable trend in dresses for a wedding this year.

Wedge shoes for wedding

Tips for Choosing shoes for wedding

The choice of shoes for a wedding requires particularly carefulapproach, because it must be not only elegant, but also comfortable. This is key to your well-being not only for the solemn wedding ceremony, but the whole holiday. Often combine beauty and convenience is becoming very difficult, so it is important to approach seriously to this question: Do shoes suitable for the bride wedding dress color as their model corresponds to the total image, if they argue with the dress, as you feel in selected footwear. A few tips:

  • Do not pull with the choice of wedding dress, buyLong before his scheduled wedding date. You have to get used to dress, learn to wear it (especially if it is complex in design or low-cut).
  • Shoes should be selected after you have finally decided on a dress, because they pick the color (it is important that they are in harmony with the dress).
  • Advance decide for yourself whether you want to hightankette or not, with open or closed sandals spout, etc. This will simplify the task in the process of selection and fitting, as well as reduce the enormous amount of time.
  • You will agree that it is impossible to combinethe beauty of high heels with the practicality and convenience of the models at a low move. Therefore, in advance, you have to decide for yourself what is more important to you, or to buy just two pairs of shoes for the wedding: some incredibly beautiful, others ideally comfortable.
  • For dressy shoes for his own wedding, whichyou will never wear again, giving fabulous money better not. Only in this case, the purchase is able to justify itself, and even then, if it is high-quality.
  • Do not fall for the bait - the brightness and beauty,which is carefully decorated with sequins, stones and things like that. A properly attached stone on shoes able to cause irreparable harm to the wedding dress, having carried out a lot of clues to elegant fabrics, which then become absolutely not suitable even for repairs.

Beautiful and comfortable wedge

  • Do not limit your horizons in a choice of elegantmodels in bridal salons: firstly, there it will be expensive, and secondly, you can not find what are looking for. Often in conventional shoe stores there is such a variety of beautiful women's shoes, what to choose for your own wedding couple will have no difficulty.

Height wedgies

An important criterion in the selection of wedding shoes,and in particular, wedges - is its height. Yes, the higher it is, the more it becomes a graceful gait of a girl and her figure becomes more harmony. However, do not always choose the right high massive platform, so you lose the convenience of shoes, and secondly, it would be harmful for your feet. Stop the choice on the pair, in which you will be comfortable to walk.

Different heights wedgies

Color shoes

The color of the shoes may be slightly different from the colordress, it can even be drastically different, you just need to add a small detail in the accessories, which will be the same color as the shoes. It is not worth to limit myself, choosing a white color. Today's fashion for brides provides a huge number of colors: noble beige, light blue, pale pink, etc.

A variety of colors wedding wedgies


Comfort any shoes - this is important in all. Many people understand and follow this expression - the beauty demands victims. But no amount of beauty is not worth your excellent mood and well-being in such a wonderful and decisive day life. Always when choosing a look for the comfort and quality that you can always find, buying wedding shoes Wedge. These shoes can make you confident and happy in every situation.

Photo collection of shoes Wedge

To inspire the necessary idea,determine to the fashion wedding shoes, to see how they look in a particular color, check below the photo collection of white and beige shoes with guideshoe. You make sure that the platform - it's not just the practicality and convenience, but it is also a grace, finesse, perfection, which helps you create a complete image of the wedding dress.

Wedge Shoes for the bride

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