Wedding Shoes - How to Choose a style, photo 2015

When the perfect dress is already selected, comestime selection of shoes - the second main element of your image. It should not just like the bride and be comfortable, but also in harmony with the dress. Before you go shopping, check out the photos of wedding shoes, which are known to help you decide on the style.

How to choose wedding shoes

Home shoes for the occasion - convenience. The whole day - from morning until late at night - you have to spend on your feet, so it is important to approach the issue of choice seriously.

Select the evening of the day for trying - at this point a little foot swells. And choosing shoes at this time probably will not be a vice for you during the holiday.

  • Bring a piece of your matterwedding dress - shoes must be the same color or two tones darker. For along with the tide suit shoes, fine satin dress with a matte finish will look perfect crepe if it is replete with lace - pay attention to the options with the same elements.
  • The material should be chosen according to the weatherconditions. The best way of surprises saves leather. Its price is higher, but it stretches the leg, giving the foot to breathe, and in case of rain, the mud will easily wipe cloth.

Genuine leather

  • Style determines the style of dress shoes. Thus, the ballet flats will look great with a shortened version of the dress, the dress in the Greek style is best suited decorated sandals or barefoot. For silhouette "princess" acceptable to a lot of options - good fit or classic wedge heel. Straight silhouette is in harmony with the shuttles and the original pantsuit - with ankle boots. How can look wedding boots, look at the photos.


  • Buy shoes are not in the salons and in specialized stores (for example, Louisa Peeress).
  • If you wear stockings or tights, too, need to be in them for fitting in the store.
  • Consider the time of year - Pick up elegant boots in winter and summer sandals.

You can buy several models. To walk - or ballerina pumps for painting at the wedding ceremony - high heels, comfortable and stable heel - for a celebratory banquet and the first waltz newlyweds.

styles of shoes

There are many different options for women's shoes for the wedding celebration and combined solutions, the most important of them are presented on the photo:

  • Open models - flip-flops, sandals.

photo outdoor models

  • With an open toe or heel.

with open toes or heels

  • Classic - or c rounded pointed nose.

classic wedding shoes

  • Without heel - ballet flats.

without heel

  • Boots and ankle boots.

Wedding boots


Models at a low move comfortable and popular. Girls who choose this option, value their comfort. Photo of wedding shoes with low heels are presented below.

Wedding models - low heel


High heels and slim any girlvisually lengthen legs. If you know how to correctly and beautifully to hold onto them, a look at the photos of wedding shoes with high heels. Maybe this option for you? Check out the photos.

High heel

On the platform

If you want to be higher, but are worriedabout sustainability - think about the models on the platform with a heel. The extra height, build a platform, will make walking easier. That might look like a photo of wedding shoes with platform.



Wedge - interesting and unusual option for the ceremony. To see if you like it, look at some photos of wedding shoes Wedge.


With lace

If your dress is decorated this exquisite cloth, trimmed with lace shoes will be a good solution for your image. In the photo - wedding shoes of different styles with lace.

elements of lace

White shoes

White - a classic color for celebrations,most models bridal shoes made in this color. But do not forget that there are many shades of it, and two pairs of white shoes are strikingly different in tone. If you choose white for their image, look at the photos of wedding shoes white. Simple and no frills - they will be an elegant addition to your outfit.

White shoes

Colored shoes

It won great popularity ivory. The pleasant, delicate shade of ivory prevails in the photo wedding shoes are presented below:


Girls with bright kind can come up modelbridal shoes red. Skillfully combine it with red roses in a bouquet or accessories. More quiet version with vivid detail - the red sole. Bright patterns are shown in the photo:

red wedding shoes

Take a look at photos of several models of other bright colors.

non-standard colors

Useful tips stylists

Recommendations stylists will help you make the right choice and avoid errors:

  • If your dress is made up of certaindecorative elements (beads, rhinestones, sequins, ribbons, sequins), it is best to have the same elements and footwear. However, if the dress is full of, prefer the model with reserved dressing.
  • Pre-spacing. If this is not done, the feast day within a few hours you can feel that much rubbed his legs.
  • The skirt should be two to three centimeters above ground level. Come with a fitting new shoes to your master hem dress.
  • To foot seemed smaller in size, buy a model with a rounded cape. For extension of the foot, on the contrary - to select pointed.

Every girl knows how it is difficult to findperfect shoes. Selected for such an important day, they have to look beautiful, approach to dress and comfortable to sit on his leg. Only in this case the bride will feel relaxed and comfortable during the celebration.

Tell us in the comments what you liked wedding model, and what would you prefer to wear on her wedding.

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