In the winter you go to a wedding

The main difficulties in choosing a dresson a winter wedding, it consists not only in the definition of the main festive costume, but also to find a suitable outdoor clothing, several pairs of shoes and accessories. Moreover, it is important that all the details were in harmony with each other. With the tips provided, you can create a vivid and memorable way.

The basic principles of choice of clothes for the wedding

Preparation for the holiday means choosingdress, shoes and accessories, creating hairstyles, makeup. In theory, it's easy, but when it is time to practice, many question arises: how best to dress for a winter wedding? A huge number of options, so you can easily create the image, which will look beautiful and stylish. Here are some important tips regarding the choice of clothing for winter weddings:

  • Discard the white dress. Remember, the only girl in a white wedding bride to be, so do not spoil her mood and wear a dress of the same color. Prefer bright suit or dress, decorated with a floral print or pattern - a lot of alternatives.
  • Note that on a winter wedding should take replacementfootwear. Since the feast is usually held in the restaurant and the whole evening wear warm boots uncomfortable, the replacement shoes will be a good solution. Pick the dress patterns evening shoes with heels, such as boots or shoes.
  • Be sure to wear stockings or tights. Despite the fact that most of the time you'll be in the room, there is a risk of freeze and get sick.
  • If you are invited to the wedding, whichorganized in a certain style, you need to choose clothes based on this theme. Some married couples, especially those who love to have fun, choose the standard wedding celebration theme party. Therefore it is necessary to come on holiday in the suit, which coincides with the given topic, such as the cowboy or the sea.
  • Pregnant girl advised to choose something easy and flowing. In these clothes you feel comfortable throughout the evening.

What is a woman to go to a wedding in the winter?

For a winter wedding can choose a dress girl. In a cafe or restaurant, heat, and, therefore, nothing prevents you to don the attire of any material. However, it is worth remembering that the clothes should choose comfortable, to feel comfortable all night. Especially since you have a lot of dance and participate in competitions. This is true not only in winter but also in any other period of the year. Therefore, the best choice would be a dress of medium length. This skirt will not interfere with the legs or look too frankly.

Female outfit for a winter wedding

She can choose any coloring for yourattire. Undesirable will except white. In case if the restaurant would be cool, you need to stock up or bolero jacket. A good alternative for a winter wedding dress can be a formal dress. And from the trouser suit it is desirable to give up - it's more casual version of the clothes than festive.

At the wedding it is better to arrive at the most beautiful andelegant attire. So you show respect for the young and show that this day is for you the same important and joyful for them. The color scheme of the suit can be different: from the lush and vibrant colors, to deep and calm tones. Do not be afraid to create a bold image, combining fashionable blouse with matching style skirt. Well-chosen accessories and shoes, you will complete your festive image.

Winter Wedding Dress

Winter wedding dress can be short orlong, cocktail, lush, with or without drapery. The choice is huge, but it is recommended to stay on such a dress, which will suit your figure: will hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity. From mini dresses should be avoided, and not only in winter, but in the autumn and in the other seasons. This option is impractical because during the evening you will feel cramped and can not actively participate in the entertainment offered by leading the celebration.

Since winter wedding will be held inindoor cafe or restaurant, you can even afford a dress with short sleeves, and sometimes even without it - gangs or straps. But in this case, be sure to take a jacket or bolero. Pick a dress with a beautiful combination of colors, decorated with lace, fashionable prints. Popularity gaining European tradition to choose bridesmaid dresses the same. If the bride has decided to do the same, you need to please her, even when you do not like the color or style of the chosen dress.

Wedding dresses for winter


The most successful version, which is suitable to anydress, skirt or suit - a stylish coat. Her style can be quite different, as the length of the product. However it is better to choose a model fur coats for winter wedding, which has a large hood. This is necessary so as not to spoil the evening hairstyle. If your wardrobe is no fur outerwear, you can wear a classic coat or sheepskin coat. An alternative would be the elegant cape coat or vest. As is usually the guests are taken to the cars, there is no reason to worry that you will freeze in the cold.

Fancy outerwear wedding

Shoes & Accessories

For a winter wedding need not one, but twoa pair of shoes. Warm boots are necessary for the street and for the celebration of the room should take evening heels. Some would think that barefoot version is also nice for a celebration, but it is not. Despite the heating, which is surely provided in a restaurant, your feet are warm. And about the pantyhose do not forget. In addition, you'll need accessories:

  • Elegant handbag or clutch, suitable for color shoes.
  • Scarf and gloves, which will be useful for the activities on the street. And the gloves should choose leather, as they look more respectable than knitted or others.
  • To dress can pick up a stylish belt, which will focus on the waist line. Universal accessory colors - silver and gold.

Accessories and shoes for the wedding winter

Male wedding dress code for the wedding winter

If you are invited to a celebration thatstart the day, then put on a tux is not necessary - it is inappropriate. According to etiquette, this garment is to be worn only after 5 pm. So come to the wedding must be in the "morning suit", and in the evening to change into a tuxedo. For the first half of the day is suitable light suit, but it is possible to restrict a jacket and trousers. Do not forget that shirt with short sleeve eliminates the need for a tie. For evening suit a dark suit and tie is necessary to select a different color.

Male attire for wedding

Video tips on the selection of attire for a wedding

Sometimes the guests to prepare for the wedding, do not spendless time than the bride and groom, especially if it is a celebration of their immediate family or friends. And since the appearance - is a key part of the training, the selection of attire usually takes a lot of time and effort. If you are invited to a winter wedding and costume selection is difficult, then with the help of tips from the video, you will learn that it is better to put on and be able to create the appropriate image.

Photo dresses for wedding winter 2016

Going to a wedding organized in the winter,optionally in warm clothes. Most likely, in the restaurant you will be hot. Pay attention to the clothes of bright colors and soothing colors with decorative flower accents. If you like dark dress or suit, then it is always possible to add beautiful accessories and shoes. Remember that jewelry that you wear to the wedding must be combined with a general way.

Winter wedding dresses