Wedding suit for the groom's best

It is unlikely that the bride can go unnoticed ina crowd of visitors, it was she who gets hold of everyone's attention, can not be said about the groom, choose it the usual dark suit. But the wedding celebration for two pair, and to look, in the charming bride to be the best bride, classy and beautiful. How to achieve a harmonious combination of the image of the bride and groom and style? After all, the common notion - "a bride in white, the groom in the black" - a classic. In order not to get lost in the crowd of guests also dressed in costumes, is to approach the issue of choice of attire for the groom seriously. And so, you must make sure that:

  • build the image, blending in with the image of a bride and not stay
  • invisible on its background;
  • think about every detail of her toilet (in spite of today's democratic wedding fashion, the choice is still less than that of the bride);
  • to choose not only the original outfit, but also comfortable.

So, put yourself such super-task, strive to be the best suitor!

Classic and etiquette.

If your views on men's wedding fashionconservative, then match the classics to the end and to the fullest. The bride in a white wedding dress - you groom - in a black suit or tuxedo. And both should sit on you perfectly and so it is best to sew things to order. Sometimes taking a tuxedo rental. If you choose a suit, a tie to him is chosen, a butterfly or a cravat. If you chose a tuxedo, then put it to the snow-white vest and tie - these are the rules of etiquette, which can not be without compliance to be the best suitor. But today, the classic style is not so categorical, and accept some deviations from the rules. Couturier allow a variety of options for the classic suit.

The suit for the groom may consist of a jacket andpants - two, or a trouser and jacket vest - triple. The suit will be relevant, and at the official ceremony and family celebration. He hides figure flaws and emphasize the dignity. To fit a dark suit and white shirt, tie and gray in black and white. Light gray vest, black shoes and socks, and indispensable white handkerchief in his breast pocket, which is in harmony with the shirt. Classic suit best option for the groom - a win-win.

Current fashion trends are thatIt was permissible and even stylish to use different fabric with a pattern for sewing the classic costumes and accessories to choose a more vivid details that create a contrast. Vest, tie, scarf, pants hems - and now the groom's suit bears little resemblance to the classic.

If the groom has a sports figure with wideshoulders, he fit close-fitting jackets. Permissible to use various kinds of tissues. Soft: tweed, vilvet - give classics a more liberated view, typical British style for the best matches. Wedding shoes - leather straps and patterns notch.

If the wedding will take place in the summer, then maybe you will want to choose a blazer. Glossy buttons on the floors double-breasted jacket, evoke thoughts of walking on the water on a yacht.

Tuxedo - evening dress - luxury, over whichFashion has no power. Rules and Etiquette for a long time defined the requirements for the cut and complete this costume. Most brides will certainly choose the double-breasted or single-breasted jacket with a collar of "Schalke" or conventional, which is covered with satin or satin. Pants with a silk cloth trim on the side seam - lace. Shirt exclusively white countersunk fastener and double cuffs that protrusion from his tuxedo sleeve and fastened to studs. Complement tuxedo belt, scarf, vest (usually white) and butterfly. The color of the suit - black, gray, white. If you arrange pompous, solemn wedding in the open air reception, the best option is not to come up.

Frac - suit specific cut for the eveningcelebration worthy of the best attention of the groom. Front shelf shortened to the level of the waist, back - long coattails. Costume sewn from black crepe with silk trim collar. Pants, just get off with silk braid in two rows on the side seam. All accessories - white. Starched shirt with snap-on collar - stand, which toes are bent. Vest with elongated lapels, double-breasted or single-breasted. It - or pearlescent silk covered buttons, upper and lower pockets. Tie, tie and scarf complete the costume.

This is not the whole range of models of wedding suits for the groom. Good taste will help you make the right choices and to be the best suitor for his charming bride.

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