Wedding dress code for the groom

Tuxedo, suit, coat, collar, butterfly,cufflinks, boutonniere ... All the details and do not count. Not surprisingly, get lost in the intricacies of the male wedding suit easily. What to choose for official receptions? What is suitable for daytime wedding? How not to look stupid and too snobbish to holiday in an informal style, such as the nature or in the family circle? The bride and groom must both look your best, insists site. Pay attention to wedding etiquette in the men's attire.

General recommendations:

  • Determine the type of wedding: Gala official reception, family event, theme party, etc.
  • Consider the time of year and time of day (suits darker colors are suitable for the cold season and in the evening, you can afford to dress in a light suit for the summer, and day).
  • Plan your search and purchase a suit in advance, as you may need additional fitting and selection of accessories.
  • Ask friends about the stores and salons that offer quality products.
  • Check with the style of the bride. You are the main figures during the wedding, so even look you should look harmonious and attractive.
  • Preferences for the official evening reception

    If you decide to order a chic restaurantwedding, invite many guests (including those in senior positions), then you should look like, respectively. Note tailcoats, choose pants (eg, stripes, if you want to show originality), shirt (with white stand-up collar, it is possible with beveled edges), in addition, at such weddings look good jackets and coats. Carefully chosen accessories: leather shoes, cufflinks, even gloves.

    Frak the wedding

    Wedding in the evening

    Clothing for evening events must beelegant, especially for weddings. The groom's tuxedo should be preferred, matching pants and shirt. Pay special attention to the choice of the butterfly, cummerbund (wide belt for a tuxedo) and cufflinks.

    The groom in a tuxedo

    Official reception in the daytime

    Clothes for the wedding ceremony depends on timedays. Thrace, in which the groom will look stylish at the wedding in the evening, not the best suited in the daytime. It is necessary to choose a coat or tuxedo. Putting on his coat, you can pick up for him the gloves and tie eskotsky (expandable to an end).

    The groom in a coat

    Normal daytime wedding

    For this type of wedding stylish business suitssuit, jacket, shirt, or collar with a conventional stand-up collar, striped trousers, a tie or a butterfly with a fine pattern, bright colors. According to the wedding portal, the main condition - all the elements of the costume and accessories must be combined with each other.

    Suit for wedding day

    Stylized wedding

    If you decide to celebrate a wedding in retro styleon the beach, the French spirit, etc., picks up clothes for special occasions, along with the bride. Your orders are to be executed in the same style and complement each other organically. Study materials relating to the chosen topic, consult a stylist, as well as pay attention to details.

    Suit for stylized wedding

    The groom should be approached with the utmostresponsibility and care to the selection of wedding dresses. Dress code, style, etiquette plays an important role when you have to give preference to one or another variant. The correct choice of the suit will add beauty and reasonableness of the overall wedding meant.

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