Useful tips to groom

Classic suit

"Buy a festive classic suit" -this, the groom Council, first of all, give the sellers any bridal salon. What was he like? As a rule - it's deuce dark, snow-white shirt, tie in gray or black and white, gray vest, black shoes and socks. In the breast pocket of his white handkerchief invested. As one of the options to complement the classic etiquette allows a deuce of a monochromatic fabric items made of cloth with ornament. For example: a vest, tie and handkerchief - a fabric texture, with a pattern, combined with the tone of two.

Choose a style

There are some tricks, tips, groom,which will definitely help you to choose the appropriate style of wedding dress. Thus, the low men do not fit suits with too broad shoulders, elongated jacket. Double-breasted jackets give a figure even more volume. The classic silhouette of the suit or triple deuce suitable for almost everyone. Trouser length should be a backdrop to the middle shoe, while the front must be formed on one hall direction. Pants must be just right, those are large or small, or when they do not sit perfectly, and will probably wrinkle or hanging that can ruin a neat appearance and reduce your efforts to "no". Council of the groom short stature: do not choose pants hems, they visually shorten the leg. Owners of large size feet do not fit tapering pants.

Quality fabrics

To a large extent it depends on the tissue, as far asexpensive and fashionable look is your costume. Note the plastic, textured fabrics, flowing and loose. They are now in vogue, as are well able to emphasize the soft lines of the silhouette of the modern suit.


This, above all, a tie, the right choicewhich will not allow to doubt your taste. Usually, for the triumph of choosing silk ties. Tips on choosing the groom tie simple, they determine the rules that must be taken into consideration. Thus, the color of the tie is chosen to match the costume. He may be lighter or darker, but it should certainly be in harmony with the jacket.

If you decide to put on the suit scarf or cravat, it must present a vest with a high neckline, which will fix the knotted handkerchief or scarf in place.

Socks, they, too, are required - they should be long enough. For such an occasion like a wedding, it is necessary to buy an evening version of the accessory of silk mixed with nylon.

Shoes should be in tone trousers and have finishesanother color or suede. Tips groom when choosing shoes to the classic suit - strict leather shoes. Lacquered dress shoes only with a tuxedo and tailcoat. Before the wedding, take care about the convenience and little spacing new shoes that neither that clouded the day.


Boutonniere - an indispensable decoration dress groom. On request, it can decorate their costumes and parents witness. What distinguishes the groom's boutonniere? What she should overlap in style with the bride's bouquet. This can be achieved, based on the same kind of colors, as well as those that will be in the hands of your lover. Miniature compositions vdevayut in the loop on the left lapel of a jacket or attach to it, if there are no tabs.

Hopefully these tips for the groom to help you when choosing a wedding suit!

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