The suit for the groom

We all know how wrong selected groom suit able to spoil the appearance of a man. Of course, we have repeatedly seen this awesome sight - the high-man costume jewelery looks like on the hanger, but not very tall guy is drowning in surplus matter.

No one was surprised that most men do not recognize suits. So how did avoid a lot of mistakes,choosing a dress for the bride? Here we look at the most common body types and try to give some advice on the correct choice of a wedding suit, and you can safely go to the store.

The tall man is certainly beautiful. But, choosing the groom's suit, he realizes that high growth is often a problem for him. The strategy of growth in high - hide it, following the observance of proportions and to avoid vertical lines, as well as using some of the details that attracted glance.

When choosing a jacket should be preferredwell-cut. Failure to comply with the full-size proportions to suit the groom's man will be like the boy who grew up in this costume. The most viable option would be a two-button jacket on, as well as help hide the tall pockets. Trousers should be spacious, it is desirable that the cut in their present ample folds. Also nice that they taper slightly towards the bottom. When choosing fabrics for men tall give preference to dense tissues or medium density. Large colorful figure would be acceptable for the coloring of the costume. Long narrow tie is better to replace butterfly (Read more about the accessories for the bride). The shirt collar should not be sharp and angular moments. Ideal semi-wide, or wide collar. Good horizontal line, which can be created using a belt and a vest with a pattern, too, are the attributes of a wedding dress, able to hide the shortcomings of high growth.

Full of men should emphasize growth and hide weight. To do this, use the linethe vertical direction. Eliminate thoughts associated with double-breasted jacket and pockets. The ideal option would be a jacket with three buttons. The cut trousers reported to be extended. If they put higher, you can add visual length of legs. Choosing a soft cloth, you will feel more comfortable, and dark colors hide completeness. If possible, add a vertical line. Drawing on the tie must also be vertical. Tie a Tie will let the average node. When choosing a shirt does not give preference to a very thin collar.

Now about the low men.

Refer to the selected groom suit youlooked a dwarf. To do this, discard the fitting options. Ideal jacket - on the same button. If, however, it turned out that there are more, they shall be positioned low. Pants, as well as for obese men, add the length of the legs if they put higher. The fabric should be light, one-color, bright colors. Node on the tie should be small in size, otherwise it would be disproportionate to your growth. The collar wedding shirt should be long and narrow. If unbutton his jacket, he clearly adds growth.

Men's athletic purchasefinished groom suit will almost unreal, so that, perhaps, the ideal solution would be an appeal to the services of a tailor. Will suit jacket, the best single-breasted, has deep armholes to the sleeves. So you can feel more comfortable. Jacket should be kind of fitting to not only select the shape, like to emphasize. Broad shoulders counterbalance pockets. Trousers should be expanded upwards. Wear should be up to the waist line. From fabric fit or average, or light possibly stretch. Colour and pattern can be anything depending on your desires. The tie should be tied in a knot, proportional neck. To balance a wide torso give preference to massive shoe.

Finally, men with a normal physique can choose what they like, following only their taste (about jewelry for men can be found here).

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