The dress of the groom, an attention to detail

When you see on the street a wedding procession, thethe first thing that catches your eye - is the bride, it is impossible not to notice as for the groom, it is sometimes difficult to find his eye among the many guests. What's the matter? Maybe it is time to correct this situation. The usual formal suit dark colors - traditional groom attire. Modern wedding gowns have longdebunked the old rule of "the bride - in white, the bride - in black." Today, allowed all possible colors in a wedding dress and the bride and groom. The only rule: you should feel confident in them. If something confuses the right choice, it is necessary to appeal to the classic version of the suit.

Here are some examples

  • White jacket, black pants, a white shirt with black piping, butterfly.
  • Boucle jacket of black and white, black and gray colors, black pants, white shirt, white tie.
  • And jacket and pants made of fabric brown tones suit shirt white, beige tones.
  • Gray suit, white shirt and tie to match the suit.

To diversify the classic outfit the groom can helpdetails of the original, unconventional colors: pink romantic, mysterious purple, refreshing celadon. Mainly, it remains flawless landing on a figure model.

Think in advance what style will suit for your body type, look at the quality of the fabric. It is worth to try several unusual variants of the wedding dress. Suddenly, you choose one of them.


A huge role in the groom's attire plays shirt. The choice of color depends on the time of year, and a suit, under which you will pick her. If the weather is hot and you have to take off your jacket, the shirt should look perfect. Shirt from mixed fabrics wrinkle will be less and, at the same time, you will feel comfortable in it. Check whether the shirt wrinkled, very simple. Squeeze in hand edge of the fabric and release if left creases, the shirt pomnetsya and on the body, no matter how much you do not iron it. As a rule, the wedding shirt for the groom buys the bride along. This is her present lover.

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