Shod groom - mission possible!

Select shoes for the groom - what could be easier? Men often operate on the principle - came, saw, conquered, bought something to eat. That women tend to spend hours choosing "their" shoes of fifteen, almost identical, par. But, as it turned out, the choice of wedding shoes can be a tangible headache for a strong half of mankind. A special day requires more responsibility than casual shoe question. And, of course, many men try to buy shoes for the wedding with a long-range goal. In order shoes could not one day belong to, and at least a couple of seasons.

Wedding sneakers

Do not make the wrong choice of wedding shoes to help grooms wedding portal

We emphasize the figure

It turns out that not only women cancomplexes about slimming down. Men, as it turns out, this is not inferior. Properly selected shoes to help "make" legs slim and groom ringing, even if they are pleasantly plump. To do this, you need only select a pair of sharp-nosed shoes.

Many will say, narrow nose - is no longer a trend maywhimsical twist nose modern London dandy. Only, it is necessary to pay attention also to the time that the oval and square noses categorically couple business suit. And this rule is only one caveat: only requires tuxedo shoes with a round nose.

Men's wedding classics

With or without laces

The best choice for the groom after the bride, of course, it's moccasins. Especially successful are lightweight shoes, if the wedding is scheduled for the warmer months. But do not forget one important point - no laces!

Fashionable bridegroom choice

Although very passionate fans of shoes "on the ropes" can be given to indulgence. But on the condition that the laces are thin to transparency and tone on tone different from the general color of the shoe.

The material question

Leather - the undisputed leader amongmaterials manufacturers groom wedding shoes. Lacquered, matt, perforated, patterned, with the imitation "under the python" - for every taste and color. Do not forget that the lacquer "support" necessarily require a suit and a tuxedo. Simpler suits "appreciate" and simpler options.

Less fashionable, but more comfortable suede - also a great choice for bridal shoes five minutes of her husband. Broken quite a few copies on whose appearance more noble and refined - leather or suede yet.

Option suede obuvki groom

Do not avoid, ladies and grooms, and velvet slippers. Believe me, it is not only the fabric of women's dresses. Velvet your shoe is able to create a unique image of elegant, impeccably dressed mod.

Color ensemble

Shoes costume colors - is not strict,inviolable rule of wedding dress. Shoes can either continue the "color" of the whole outfit, and its bright shade. Of course, not many venture to combine bright red shoes with a jacket in the same tone, and crisp white suit. But, you know, if the wedding is thematic, say, a la "Raffaello", like a bold contrast will look very appropriate.

Wedding Shoes - Play on contrasts

Walk on the basic colors and kostyumnymsuitable to him shoes. If the groom chose a classic black or "asphalt" suit him perfectly complement the shoes to match. A flavor, you can make the game textures. For example, satin and velvet, or satin fabric and patent shoes.

If the groom's outfit dazzling sparkleswhite, pleasing to the eye with soft light shades, site advises to take the shoes are white, or, as mentioned above, in the tone of the shirt. By the way, an interesting course to beat in a range of shoes, a belt and small wedding accessories.

Light gray, metallic colors will accentuate suit of black shoes matte leather. That haze of shoes does not give the groom to become a polished sheen to the bowler.

Shoes for the bride - Shielding Suit

Cream, beige, sand, brown suits groom get along well with the shoes ocher, cinnamon, walnut tones. Particularly relevant this tandem will look to autumn weddings.

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