Rules costume choice for the bride

The main parameters that you need to decide before going in search of his suit is a style, size.


Rate the proportions of the figure. It is from them will depend on the choice of suit for the groom, namely, jacket model.

  • Low men must pass by volume jackets with broad shoulders, elongated jackets - is not their option. They are visually reduce the height. Pants with cuffs shorten the leg.
  • Double-breasted suits are not suitable for large men, they will add more volume.
  • The classic version of three-piece suit of choice for virtually all types of figures.

In the fitting room

Try on your chosen style of dress. Collar jacket should be comfortably encircle the neck and does not interfere with the rear. A good jacket should ideally sit in the shoulders. You should not feel awkward, but too loose, too. When choosing a suit for the groom pay attention to what would be on the back of his jacket was not formed nor any folds or vertical or horizontal. Stretch your arms forward and look in the mirror at the back.

Button the jacket if the rear one, and even moretwo slots, they do not have to leave. Jacket, which is just right in the shoulders, but the difficulty is fastened to the bottom button should not be changed to a larger size. It is necessary to stop the choice on a suit more growth or other fullness of the same size.

Be exactly in front of the mirror, you should notmuch fuss grasp jacket floors. It turned out - so length jacket - just right. sleeve length should be 2.5 cm shorter than the length of the shirt sleeves. Cuff it should act to be seen cufflinks. These are the rules of etiquette when choosing a suit for the groom. The length of the trousers must not be lower than the heel. "Until the middle of the back of the shoe" - the ideal length trousers. At the same time in front of the arrow is to form one room. Classic, right pants hemmed so that they are behind by 1-2 cm longer than the front - special lapping on the heel. Owners of large feet is not necessary to stop the choice on a suit with trousers narrowed at the bottom.

Carefully selected the perfect costume, already, by itself, will make the groom elegant.

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