About fashion trends of clothing for the bride

In retrospect, it is safe toargue that men's fashion clothing has always existed in the first place fashion for men's suit. He was always in demand as clothes for the groom. These are the requirements of etiquette - to be elegant and stylish in a solemn day of the wedding. What can you say about today's fashion men's suit? First of all, the general line, the silhouette is characteristic, defining feature that distinguishes the fashionable suit. The groom offers the same three and two, tuxedos and dinner jackets, coats and small.

Suit threesome

Always has been and remains the most popular anddemocratic suit. Single-breasted jacket fitted silhouette. The vest is usually made of the same fabric as the jacket, but the rest - from thinner material. Behind - a strap that adjusts the jacket at the waist. Trousers without pleats in the front, not broad, without lapels, with a pocket, which we used to see on the jeans. White shirt - mandatory wear for the groom. However, you can choose a shirt to match the bride's wedding dress. Tie - artificial silk, blending in with the shirts, suits. Wedding shoes should be conservative enough - the usual black shoes of good quality.

Tailcoat suit for luxurious wedding.

Then the bride should be in a luxurious dress withtrain, and you certainly need to get married. Jacket suit short front and rear has a narrow coattails. To him be sure to wear a white vest and a special cut shirt.

Business card.

The sides of the jacket of a small variance from the waist line. Behind the length of almost reaches the knees. Choosing a business card as a dress for the bride, complementing it with a white shirt, waistcoat, classic cut, tie "plastron", black shoes.

Tuxedo with silk lapels can be bothblack and white. Pants with gold braid. The snow-white shirt, bow tie white or black. A mandatory element is a belt or jacket of the same color as the dress. Perfect case to wear patent leather wedding shoes.

The coat is different from the usual jacket thatIt has a high clasp four buttons. The length of the coat to mid-thigh, that man is very slim. This is a great option for the bride clothes, especially when combined with a trendy tie four-in-hand.

A few more rules, which can be useful in choosing a wedding dress.

  • Model selection depends on the shirt tie, because it is necessary to choose the right type of collar.
  • Vest Suit for wedding can be both with a back made of silk, and without it. Sometimes the tie is made of the same fabric as the front of the vest.
  • Note the wedding dresses in white, it is fashionable.
  • Use accessories: scarves, tie clips, pins Necktie, cufflinks.
  • Mandatory addition of dress for the bridea boutonniere. Composed of flowers of the same species as the bride's bouquet, it is attached to the buttonhole of the left lapel of his jacket. If the buttonhole is not available, you can use the pin.
  • Shoes can tell a lot about you, so it is necessary to choose very carefully. By the wedding dress shoes fit without any frills, and, of course, good quality.
  • It is not necessary to strictly follow the tradition of wedding fashion. Fill in your costume interesting original features. But they need to be thought out and perfectly combined.
  • Choose clothes for the bride should try before the wedding. It is necessary to get used to it and "rehearse" the right demeanor to feel at ease during the celebration.

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