The most eligible bachelor of the most beautiful bride

Not for nothing that the people had the idea ofgroom as beautifully dressed young man demonstrating his appearance accuracy, style, elegance and even some charm. It is impossible not to draw attention to such enviable groom. But what are the features and secrets of a man's suit?

For some, the dress - casual work clothes,for someone - inconvenient, but a compulsory gala. For those who prefer jeans, and only jeans, pants seem less comfortable. But fortunately, there are also those, I do not think so!

Culture men's suit and is notrecognized by our men. All agree that a wedding needs to enviable groom suit, but freely and naturally feel it is able to not everyone. And, the more harmoniously to pick up items and wedding accessories - for many, in general, the problem. If we remember that in Soviet times, a man's suit was limited to "two" or "three", and even, perhaps, some time was in vogue suit type "jacket", then the problem becomes clear. However, in the last few decades, the production of men's suits and their diversity has reached a level of global fashion. And this, in turn, further complicate the task of choosing a wedding suit for imaging enviable groom. Well, then it's time, it's time to learn to be elegant and presentable!

Unfortunately, some of the guests invited to thewedding ignore such "useful conventions" and wearing knitted sweater and jeans best friend's wedding. Forgetting that there are times in life when such liberties not allowed to dress and talk about respect for the newlyweds and their holiday. Friends, invite you to share their joy, the more will be pleased to see the guest in a perfect suit, even if it is not in everyday life. Therefore, one way out - to buy a suit that would fit the occasion, and have a decent view of another enviable groom.

Fashion in respect of the classic suit todayvery diverse and even those who believe that because they will look "nerds" or "office plankton", can find variants of the classic suit, pick up accessories, which will create an image of macho. Just have to make more effort, imagination and taste.

A bit of history. Male usual costume for our species was first coined in England in the 19th century. Peculiar to his restraint and minmalizm chepornost always enthralled the public and, thus, the costumes have acquired immense popularity in the world.

But in those days, such a suit could affordcurrently not all. Only wealthy people wealthy enough to have the opportunity to wear a suit every day or on major holidays, such as the Sunday service in the church. But every eligible bachelor of the time necessarily ordered a wedding dress from the best tailor.

Modern brides, is not considered necessaryeven buy a fashionable dress for the wedding, believing that the presence in their wardrobe rather decent working costume - a way out of the situation. But look at his chosen one, who so carefully and meticulously selects wedding dress. Do you not want to conform to it. Is a wedding the groom is allowed to remain in the shadow of the charming image of the bride. No, not only do you have to be a "perfect pair", you should also look like a "perfect couple" and shine, harmoniously combining as charming bride and groom enviable.

Despite the diversity of choice of luxurious fabrics,possible models have a festive appearance is not difficult. Better yet, pick a wedding dress for the image created by your bride, the overall theme and style of the wedding, the season in which appointed this auspicious day. Suppose, even, linen or silk suit will look extraordinary, but, it is appropriate for a hot summer. And originality in everything and creative approach - a sure sign of an enviable groom!

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