Laces and socks - playing off properly groom shoes

The wedding day is especially important to younglooked most harmonious, and this is very important to the appearance of the groom dress combined with the bride. Only in this way the couple will complement each other and shine in all its glory on your wedding ceremony.

However, the strong half of Union of Young oftenlimited choice of an expensive suit. And on this one single, albeit generally step creation of the image ends. But just a crucial role to play different stuff: items attire and accessories. They give flavor appearance, individuality and sophistication.

The image of the groom

The newlyweds outfit every thing should bematched in color and style. Otherwise the wedding guests immediately struck a bad way, but it certainly spoil the mood and the bride, we are talking about her choice. And unless you can spoil your favorite most long-awaited day of her life?

How to do so, to look stylish and harmonious at the wedding? This will try to understand portal.

The main rule of the groom wedding dress

Of course, before you go to the selectionaccessories necessary to clearly define the basic element, namely the wedding dress itself. The main rule when choosing - it must be combined with the dress of the bride.

The combination of the image of bride and groom

Once the base is determined, you can proceed to the details: the various elements of attire and accessories.

Socks and shoelaces - the important elements of the image of the groom

Ironically, the fairly important element of the imagethe young are the socks and shoelaces. It would seem that they are invisible and not particularly noticeable, why should pay particular attention to them? But imagine without high-grade appearance groom impossible. How do you choose these details the dress?


As designers say this detail shoesthe groom should be as invisible. Choose the color of the laces standing in a shoe if it is brown, and the laces - the same color. Shades lighter or darker than strictly prohibited.

It is also worth to pay attention to quality, the less likely you will be happy if at the time of the wedding celebration laces tear.

Laces should not be too wide,distracting view of shoes and the image as a whole. But the laces, threads will not be particularly comfortable. Therefore, it is best to stop the choice on classical golden mean.


In harmony with the wedding dress should and socks. The principle of "invisible - so it does not matter" in this case does not fit.

It is necessary to match the shade of the color of socks suit and shoes. It allowed shades darker and lighter, but the difference should be small.

The ideal option considered white socks. They give the image of elegance and sophistication, at least that's what designers say.

Multi-colored socks is considered to be a complete lack of taste.

Bright socks to the suit

However, this point is quite controversial. Since bright socks, combined with the shoes of the bride, can make an original spot in an external view of the newlyweds.

Funny groom's socks

Bright socks bridegroom will be similar to the successful standard joke in a toast to the newlyweds. Home and pick, both so that they are appropriate.

Preferably, the socks were monophonic. However, if you want to pattern, then the choice is to stop the cage or lozenge.

groom Socks in diamond

Thus, www.articlewedding says that socks and shoelaces - the necessary accessories for the wedding the groom's shoes. Despite their apparent insignificance, they play an important role in creating a harmonious way. To shine at the wedding, it is necessary to approach their choice pootvetstvennee.

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