Eloquent groom boutonniere

This wedding tradition - decorating groom suitIt is known for a very long time. Honeymooners always used to be the crowning of colors, thereby highlighting their wedding. Slavic girls wove wreaths elects. Now boutonniere bridegroom adorns men's wedding suit.

It all began with the fact that the bride gavehandpicked flowers from your wedding bouquet as a token of love and mount it in the buttonhole of the wedding dress. And now it is accepted that would boutonniere future husband she was of the same colors as the bridal bouquet. This is how it differs from the decorations on the jacket of a witness or other guests. In addition, special romantic mood will give the newlyweds ornament made of flowers, bearing in itself an exceptional meaning: perhaps reminiscent of the first gift from the groom bouquet and eloquent speaking about love.

It is known that there is a language of flowers. Choosing a boutonniere for the groom, it is possible without words to say about their feelings or make a different meaning in this tiny posies. For example: Chrysanthemum says loyalty and cheerfulness, Orchid - a beautiful bride, hydrangea - the courage and honesty.

According to ancient Russian traditions can boutonniereIt consists of a field of modest, but there are touching, flowers and herbs. It was decided to decorate their wedding in Russia. Delicate daisies symbolize calmness and kindness, rosemary - devotion and loyalty to the family, sage - wisdom and prudence.

Composing boutonniere groom, do not miss the opportunity to beautiful and subtly demonstrate your taste, personality and love, the language of flowers will help you with that!

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