Dress code manly

It would seem to put a man on anycelebration easier to pick up a suit, shirt, tie, wedding shoes, socks and that was ends. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Men's dress code provides a number of requirements, according to which even the seemingly smallest of details play an important role far.

To Your companion had the appropriate kind of celebration, it is worth to take care of the basic details of his future wedding dress. There are four versions of the ceremonial "outfits":

  • "White tie" (Cravate blanche, white tie) or"A full evening dress." Triumph - ball or rout, to which entrance is only for the dress code. You, in turn, can put ball plate.Torzhestvo this level always involves very sophisticated look. According to the requirements of the dress code, a man should be wearing:
    -Black suit. Single breasted with lapels trimmed with silk.
    -pants. Only black color without flaps. On the outer side seams black silk strips. Trousers with braces.
    -vest. White cotton pique.
    -shirt. White, with collar "rack", with curved corner edges. Cuffs single, always with studs.
    -butterfly. White. Make sure that there are no fasteners. Butterflies, like tie tie.
    -tufli (shoes). Lacquered black shoes, with extra long silk socks and patent-leather shoes smooth "Oxford" pan-lacing.
    -cylinder. A rarity in our time, but it is an integral part of his coat.
    -scarf. White, silk
    -Gloves white.

    The final stage is the cloak or mantle,cane. The last few positions (cylinder, scarf, gloves, gown, cane) rather historical demands of the male dress code, rather than the need of our time.

  • "Black tie" (Cravate noire, black tie). The triumph of the ball a little lower level, or social events. You can wear an evening dress, but from men need a tuxedo. Tuxedo by nature parade jacket, a native of England. In simple terms a tuxedo - a jacket, which can be smoked. The material from which made the jacket makes it easy to shake off the ashes of cigars, while not leaving any traces.

    So tuxedo includes:
    -a jacket. Often, black, dark blue, white silk with notched lapel or shawl collar.
    -pants. Black, without lapels. Handle single silk braid. On suspenders.
    -shirt. White with pleated plastron. Double cuffs. Cufflinks. But there are exceptions where the other shirts are acceptable, for example: Tuxedos Armani.
    -shelkovy sash with pleats laid up. Tuxedo does not provide for the vest (as suit), in order to hide the belt sash needed.
    -butterfly. Black, also without fasteners.
    -tufli. Smooth patent leather shoes or boots, often black.

  • "Card-suit-coat" with cut corners. In European countries, according to the men's dress code requirements of such a suit is acceptable to wear to the wedding, the royal race. Regarding the first option (the wedding), then a light gray business card with trousers of the same color scheme, decided to put on the groom or the bride's father. In all other cases, often black business card with striped trousers. Requirements according to the men's dress code are less stringent than those described above. In this case, it may be colored vest or simple classic, shirt, in harmony with the general view. Tie. Assume cylinder, gray or black, depending on the situation.
  • "The triumph without special requirements." The most common view in everyday life. But, nevertheless, some of the rules of the dress code there:
    -kostyum only ceremonial.
    -pidzhak and trousers (without cuffs) allowed raznotonnymi. Suitable double-breasted, fitted, narrowed down jacket. Trousers slightly narrowed without tucks.
    -rubashku tie and often wear the same color tone. Valid cashmere silk sweaters in winter and summer silk T-shirt.
    -zhilet not required.
    -tufli, the color chosen by the general form.

For the ladies the best cocktail dress is a wedding dress.

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