Cravat - a fresh alternative to the traditional tie

Agree, the bride without a tie - the image of, well,just out of the ordinary. At least at the beginning of a wedding celebration. It was only later, "the bride without a tie", "the bride without a jacket", "the bride without a shirt", sometimes "the bride without pants" - the phenomenon itself is quite adequate. And just needed a plausible figure that is without a tie can not create. Or is it will create? For example, using a cravat.

This accessory is easy to revive the image and addbright accents. And at the same time, also will not add dry plaque formality. Well, and, of course, at the cravat are plenty of advantages. In the first place, even on a hot day the bride will feel comfortable without feeling the noose around his neck. Also, if five minutes my husband would have to bend over, say, a check on the spot whether the shoe bride's face is nothing to hang. The main taboo for cravat groom - in any case not in the color of the suit. We want to add brightness and not to merge?

Wedding image - accents

The taste and color

"And if there are many styles in neckerchief? "- Supporters argue naughty Necktie tradition. Wedding portal guarantees: enough! Consider the basic three leaders.

Scarf - alternative wedding tie

Scarf "straight" from England

Especially love the bride and groom-modsscarf-Ascot. He, as well as possible, complement the image, if you plan to present at the wedding of a true London dandy. Why London? As the birthplace of the mother-handkerchief - United Kingdom. And to be quite accurate, then this part of the image was very loved by gentlemen at the races at Ascot. Hence, by the way the name. Accessory is a fairly long scarf with flared triangular edges. It is made, typically, from printed silk. Although variations are possible.

Scarf-Ascot - trendy bridal accessories groom

A definite plus shawl, Ascot - tying hisvery simple. Spreads on the neck, criss-crossed on his chest, the ends of the handkerchief is passed in a triangle, and, necessarily, dressed with a shirt. Voila! Elegant, stylish and laid-back way of the groom ready.

Man in a Case

And it is not about the famous Chekhov's story. Everything is much simpler case - another kind of men's scarve shawls. Its main feature - it is necessary "to the table" in any outfit. In contrast to the more aristocratic and compulsory Ascot case can be worn even under a lightweight knitted vest, if not under the blazer. Tie, in principle, as well as its previous counterpart. However, there is a small and significant "but." If the ends of her apron-Ascot tucked under his shirt, then just case unit stabs beautiful pin and put up for public display.

Plastron, please

The third kind of men's scarve shawls calledplastron. It is believed that he - the most rigorous and spokesman, a sort of "ascetic" among the scarves. It is much broader than Ascot, and even more so, its case. Plastron can be called a sort of "hourglass". The top and bottom of the shawl - broad, and the middle - more narrow.

Tied his www.articlewedding advises over a shirt, securing beautiful brooches. Strict plastron is of two kinds. First sold already with ready unit. Bridegroom remains only to put on and pick up the decorations. And the second will have to work and establish themselves. Interestingly, the plastron node is called the "Ascot". Yes, you did not seem the same as the first version of the cravat. Only node and shawl are very different.

Elegant brides choose plastron

Another important difference plastron - it recognizesOnly the neighborhood with classic views of buttonholes. By the way, "capricious" wedding accessory requires not only special boutonnieres, and special jacket with the so-called business card. In detail, this jacket on one button with rounded edges.

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