Choosing a suit for the groom

Wedding - a special day in the young life in thisday everything has to look perfect. Particular attention is always paid to wedding dresses. Choosing a wedding dress the bride and groom dress for the process is quite complex. Perhaps, every bride wants her beloved wedding day look beautiful, stylish, elegant, and most importantly its appearance in harmony with her appearance and dress.

Today, the consumer marketIt offers a wide range of men's suits a wide variety of styles and colors. But often many factors put young before the difficult choice of costume for the groom.

Consider a few tips on how to choose the right costume:

  • First, choosing a suit for the groom, it must be remembered that it should be in harmony with the general appearance of the bride, without overshadowing it.
    The most popular and widespread isclassic style, if you are planning a traditional wedding, but not styled (country, rock, etc.). Costume color depends on the time of year when the wedding will be celebrated, bright colors, suitable for the warmer seasons, dark - cold. But then again, a number of factors, including cut, and the tone of colors costume depends on the bride's wedding dress.
  • secondly, for the groom suit should fit the tastes of men. He should feel comfortable in a suit.
  • Thirdly, choosing a suit for the groom to beto take into account several factors. The trousers must be long enough to cover the top edge of bridal shoes. Collar shirt should fit nicely and stand still be loose enough so as not to stifle the groom. Shirt cuffs should peek out from under his jacket sleeves 2 cm, it will make a certain poignancy and elegance. Also emphasize style help well-chosen cufflinks. The tie or butterfly is selected depending on the type of suit and shirt, sometimes without them. The color scheme of the tie should be in harmony with the tone of his jacket and shirt, often give preference to pastel colors, suitable for classic style. Socks should be long enough so that they could not see the edge of his trousers when sitting groom. Shoes are chosen to match to the suit, have a classic look with a closed toe and heel.
  • Fourth, an important role regains suit style. Increasingly, there are cases when, choosing a suit for the groom, the young opt for coats, tuxedos and tails. Each of them is an evening dress, and has its own peculiarity, as, for example, a tuxedo, the name of which is rooted in the British tradition is a jacket, which can be smoked. Of course, the cut of his jacket, and the very material from which the article is made, allows its owner to smoke, and it is easy to shake off the ashes, leaving no trace. The tuxedo is a wedding dress demands the additional equipment, the shirt should be white only.

Frac - a suit with a special kind of exquisite cut -front floor front and long, narrow behind. White shirt, trousers without flap at the edges. How to dress for the groom suit men with a narrow waist and hips, holders athletic.

The coat - the most common and popular withRecently, men's wedding dress. Slightly elongated single-breasted jacket with four buttons fit men of medium height with a slender figure.

specializing in stores and showrooms atSales of men's suits consultants will help you choose a suit for the groom, adjusting on the spot on the figure, or what happens more often, razukomplektuyut costumes and pick up exactly what you need.

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