Canons male wedding fashion

Selection of male costume dictate the rules of etiquette,time of day that the wedding will take place, and men's wedding fashion. Still festive models considered a tuxedo and tails, as well as a formal suit or a triple deuce.

Model classic costume made of darktissue. White shirt and tie grays, black shoes and socks - required amendments thereto. The suit - three included also vest. In the breast pocket of his white handkerchief invested, and sometimes even a tie and a scarf made of fabric with patterns, carefully selected by the color of the suit.

Tuxedo - this evening variant costume. Black jacket with a collar-type shawl made of satin. Pants with lace on the outer side seam. For men's tuxedo wedding gown fashion provides countersunk fastener. Alternatively, a tuxedo dress white pique vest and a satin belt. Sometimes a butterfly belt and handkerchief in the breast pocket may be selected from a fabric with a colorful pattern or monochromatic, but contrasting fabric. Shoes - strictly black.

Frac - especially suit for special occasions. First, the 19th century is considered the front men's clothing. Frac distinctive brim. Short, to waist level in front and long tails behind, it is a favorite of men in wedding fashion. Lapel, also trimmed with satin. Trousers with two laces on the sides. Shirt complementing suit has a detachable stand-up collar with curved tips, cuffs - under cufflinks. Under the suit wear white pique waistcoat with mother of pearl buttons, or upholstered in fabric. Be sure to selected a bow tie, a handkerchief. All frachnyh white accessories. Black left shoes, socks and a hat.

We select the dress on the figure

The groom is not tall should not be selectedelongated and bulky jacket model. Classic suit suits men of any proportions. The sleeve of his jacket to be shorter than the sleeve shirts 2 - 2.5 cm, as dictated by men's wedding fashion.

Particular attention should be paid to the length of the pants. It should be up to the middle of the backdrop of the boot and the front of the arrow trousers should form one room. You must select the exact size pants to wear when not any unnecessary creases on the arrows. Pants with cuffs only fit tall men. Narrowed down pants do not fit the holders of large size feet.

Suit of good fabric

The quality of fabric as the suit says. Soft, flexible, loose and textured fabric suit better conveys the silhouette of the model. Fabrics in which the composition of 50% wool and allow to feel comfortable in any weather. Products made of synthetic materials badly sit to form creases and therefore men's wedding fashion close attention to natural fabrics. To diversify the classic suit, sometimes pick up vest decorative fabric. However, you must carefully choose the color, texture and accessories: tie scarves.

An important detail - tie

Well-chosen tie says about the tastemen. For such celebrations like wedding suit tie made of silk fabric. The color is selected to match the jacket. Etiquette does not allow the appearance of a celebration without a tie. It can be replaced by a scarf, but the presence of such items as a suit jacket with a high neckline. Men's wedding fashion only allows the groom to be in a suit, supplemented with a scarf.

Boutonniere in his lapel

The dress of the groom decided to supplement buttonhole. This elegant, neat decoration attached to the left lapel. Groom boutonniere is always combined with a bouquet of the bride.

Shoes for the bride - a black leather shoes. It is better to carry a little bit before the wedding to feel comfortable. Lacquered shoes worn with tuxedo and tailcoat. Socks must be sufficiently high and the same color as the shoes. Now there are even evening wear - with the addition of thin silk nylon.

By following all these rules are not cunning and turningto the latest trends in men's wedding fashion, you can create an image of elegant, gorgeous men, worthy of the beauty of the bride. After all, your task - to look like a couple that inspires.

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