Butterfly, neck scarf or tie for the groom: what to choose?

In most cases, all-new suitorsopt for a tie. So, as they say, brought up, and come up with something new, they do not want. Although the situation with current fashion trends is, where carousing.

Let's start all the same with a tie

This additional element of any businesscostume at the wedding event is unlikely anyone could surprise. However, stylish and well-chosen tie is always decorate the bride and make note of all the invited guests only this hero for the day after the bride, of course.

Stylish and time-tested tie

Many visitors to the wedding site www.articlewedding.com can confirm that a well-chosen tie is just perfectly suited to the costume so-called classical style. This wedding dress for the bride to be just great. In addition, many designers can immediately assure you that a properly selected classic tie can visually increase the height of the groom. To do this, you must buy a wedding tie with vertical stripes. The main factor, which is necessary to operate in the direct selection of the above tie is a combination with other accessories and costume as a whole. At the wedding, you can buy and color and juicy attribute of a business suit, but in this case, and the shirt should be a non-standard colors.

Who says tie can not be surprised

Classic, which came to us from the West

Now it is the turn to talk about butterflies. Immediately it is worth noting that the range of fancy costumes will be considerably narrowed, if you do decide to wear to a wedding butterfly. By this wedding accessories will only fit tuxedo or suit. Many visitors wedding portal www.articlewedding.com will tell you that the bride in an elegant and sophisticated tuxedo with a classic black bow tie looks simply stunning.

Refined and simply snogshebatelny wedding team

It should also be noted that the chosen correctlycoat with butterfly looks much more solemn than the standard business suit and tie. Do not forget also that the butterfly will automatically imply the existence of a direct kammerbanda. Similarly fancy word denoted a wide black belt, which is to be seen if the groom suddenly wants to unbutton his dress coat. Of course, you can try to prove their uniqueness and originality and buy butterfly bright colors and causes, combined with a wedding bouquet the bride and her accessories. However, in this case, you should thoroughly think over all other attributes and accessories of their wedding image, so that their overall picture of harmony and do not protrude into the foreground.

Butterfly can be done and such an interesting way

The final touch will be a Neck scarf

Just need to say that any, even the mostdiscreet wedding Neck scarf will not fit into the standard business suit that was originally intended for a tie. Remember that successfully blends scarf with just a different kind of extravagant costumes. Some mixture of styles can be present only in the successful combination of classic coat and Neck handkerchief soft bedding or even shades.

Classic in the new version

This image of the wedding will look morethan romantic. Incidentally, this scarf will help hide some flaws groom's neck, if they still have a place to be. In this dress the bride will appear in front of all the guests as a sophisticated and stylish man.

At the end I would like to add that not all bridespay due attention, when it comes to the choice of its exterior styling. Most often, all focused on a wedding dress of the bride and the groom as it set aside on the back burner. So, this should not be exactly. The groom should also look perfect!

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