Bold solutions for the dress of the bride

While preparing for the wedding of one of the mosttroubling issues for the bride is the choice of wedding dress. That he devoted whole days and tedious nights thinking. Indeed, in this special day, so I want to be on the ball and look incredibly attractive and memorable.

Many brides stop at classicversion - standard lush white dress. But what about those who are braver and so eager to stand out, to those who want to make their wedding memorable appearance of its uniqueness? That such individuals in this article and decided to help portal council. What most unusual design modern clothes is to orient and diversify than even the most simple wedding dress? This was on.


Many brides in choosing a wedding dress persistentlytied to a specific time for the celebration of the year and the appropriate weather. And what if a bit to go beyond? For example, a very brave decision to organize a winter festival in the summer heat and select the image of this Snow Queen. It is not necessary to dress up in fur and dresses with long sleeves, perfect even light outfit, simply by which even in the heat blows cold. To understand what is at stake, it is necessary to turn to the work of designers Douglas Hanant and Beth Ellis. In their collections they have focused on a shimmering fabric, cool tones and multiple accessories.

Dress Douglas Hannant


Many modern women, in everyday lifepreferring the style of casual, we would gladly have given it priority in a wedding dress. Oscar de la Renta The famous designer decided to support the brides in this endeavor, releasing his pants wedding collection.

But there is in the version of the proposal and designerbolder solutions. For example, a large snow-white tunic absolutely transparent fabric, which must be worn over a bathing suit. What is not a wedding dress for the ceremony on the banks? At the same time such clothes can transform so deliciously fresh flowers.

If so candid outfit is not quitefor the official part, it may well be reserved for cocktail party after all the official events. After all, the young guests will certainly appreciate this original approach, and instead rewarded with convictions Bride deserved compliments. And this image is perfectly suitable for the wedding night and honeymoon in warmer climes.

The cut and style

If your wedding dress I want to wear a long, but the traditional dress is not to your taste, the choice can be stopped, for example, in the trouser suit or overalls.

Wedding pantsuit

By the way speaking, in the collection of Claire Pettibone can find even more courageous decision for a wedding - a combination of soft skirt of tulle and luxuriously embroidered trousers.

Wedding Collection by Claire Pettibone

And, if this approach is not entirelyappropriate option, it is possible to give preference to a fashionable in the last year of lush multi-layered skirt made of light fabric. Such models are widely represented in the Marchesa collection.

Wedding Collection by Marchesa


However, no matter what image, style,cut and style of wedding attire chosen is a very important element in a variety of wedding accessories. They can change any dress beyond recognition and provide it a unique flavor.

Choosing accessories for wedding dress fullIt depends on the imagination. For example, following the suggestions of many designers options, you can pick up a funny hat or unusual ears of transparent fabric. Or complement the crisp white dress colored veil. However, in this case, it is worth considering that the selected bright colors should be the leitmotif of the entire wedding decoration.

And so, bride, if you want to stand out from amongother spouses in white dresses, be daring and original. Perhaps you only have to add a few bright decorations, but you may need to dress defiant. In any case site advises to listen to your inner voice and to choose what you will feel comfortable, great and inimitable. Do not forget also about the opinion of relatives of people, often they can point you in the right direction.

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