Wedding suit for women

When there is a problem in front of the bride wedding dress, few dare not choose a dress and wedding suit for women. Of course, the dress, especially the traditional luxuriant,It does the bride touching and more feminine, but the suit offers no less room for your imagination and sense of style, and looks less corny. Another plus - easy: no tightened braces, rigid "seed" massive hoops and petticoats. In addition, the suit - more practical clothes. Even when the holiday is over, your outfit will not move in the closet forever, and will be worn on special ceremonial occasions. Agree, this situation is much more profitable than a one-day dress.

Of course, we are talking not about the white strictcostumes, so dearly beloved business woman. Huge selection of fabrics, textures, styles and accessories make wedding dresses for women similar to festive dresses of dazzling beauty.

Just do not forget about balanceThe harder cut suit, the easier it should befabric, and vice versa. Of course, it is easier - does not mean less and tasteless. Silk, satin, chiffon, satin, crepe de chine, lace can be simple and elegant at the same time.

So, what options are there at the bride, decides to walk down the aisle in a wedding dress for women, without first consulting the salon wedding fashion?

Option one - jacket (Jacket, top) plus a skirt. The latter can be the way you wish: the mini, midi or maxi, narrower, straight or flared, basque, with a belt, with ruffles, and may you have more to model the soul "balloon"? The main thing is to style the bottom of the suit combined with the upper part. Pay special attention to the shape of the collar and the neck, select them based on the shape of the neck. The triangular cut-emphasize long, "swan" neck. neck satin ribbon trim will suit more elegant. The classic version - with rounded ends of the collar - suitable for almost everyone. Sleeves can duplicate lace, which is slightly longer sleeves and give the costume "wedding" look. Skillfully executed, such a wedding suit for women will not look worse than the dress. By the way, a veil and a wreath - traditional accessories of the bride - will be quite appropriate.

Option Two - pantsuit. Its even possible to make not one white, and, for example,from a light beige or pinkish tissue. Not bad to be look and well-chosen flower printed pattern. The most difficult thing - to choose the right style trousers. Long legs and slim figure perfectly underlined by tight trousers, tailored fit. But if you are not so lucky, and your form is far from ideal, think of something more free, perhaps even with slits on the sides. An excellent option is the so-called "culottes". Alas, but for such a wedding suit for women to wear a wedding veil does not make sense: a cute hat or a sprig of flowers will be very handy.

The third version of the wedding dress for women - wedding suit. Do not wrinkle so contemptuous nose, coveralls,designed for such a solemn day, it does not necessarily have to be baggy, from the hideous fabric of poor quality. A deep cut on the back will show its beauty as well as any dress, tight-fitting top made attractive as a small chest, and more curvaceous. Tightly-fitting hips and flared to the bottom of the leg will help to feel not only elegant, but also comfortable. Straps can leave, but you can do without them - to your taste. This outfit is too honest for a wedding? Put under (or - as you like) overall translucent blouse organza or chiffon - it will protect from prying views. Tasteful accessories - for example, short lace gloves - complete image.

The main thing - remember that any wedding dress for women will look dazzling when it complements the glow of happy bride eyes.

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