Wedding dresses in vintage style 2015 fashion models and styles with photos

Modern brides prefer standardWedding scenario changed in the exciting, themed activities. In order to convey the flavor of previous eras, modern bride dresses used in vintage style. It perfectly accentuate your figure and turn in an impressive coquette. And with the help of stylized accessories you get to convey elegance and inner beauty.

Vintage wedding dresses

What is characteristic of the bride dress in vintage style?

The main attribute is the bride's weddingdress. A good choice it will make the bride unique and unrepeatable. If she decided to go to the altar in a historic dress, it is necessary to carefully consider all the details of the image, and then a wedding in vintage style will be held at the highest level. Pre-visit exhibitions, museums, which collected rare apparel previous eras. Browse vintage films will most feel the vintage style. But if you do not know where to find vintage apparel, we suggest to use the following options:

  • Shop vintage clothing is always in hisrange of wedding dresses. Future brides a month before the celebration of the upcoming need to visit an antique shop to choose the right attire. If you liked the style of vintage dress, but not the right size, the experienced seamstress quickly correct all obvious shortcomings.
  • Review old cloakroom grandmother or mother. Dress in vintage style, which will suit as a wedding dress, it is easy to find even in the home collection. Be sure to double check the found thing to be free from defects. If you find a shabby cloth, stain, hook, then make the restoration. Hide flaws you'll have to help a beautiful brooches, ribbons or lace appliqués.
  • A more expensive option would be a vintage dresshis individual tailoring in a wedding studio. Be sure to discuss in advance used vintage fabrics and accessories, as incorrectly selected materials can spoil the amazing style of the wedding dress.
  • A young girl will be able to pass with vintage styleusing a properly chosen color scheme and textured fabrics. Welcomes the use of soft, muted, pastel colors in combination with a variety of materials. Perfectly fit into the style of fabric celebrations, able to convey the spirit of the times - lace, chiffon, velvet, satin, linen, cotton. Vintage dresses can be found on a closed neckline or a plunging neckline at the back, transparent sleeves or thin spaghetti straps, lush skirt or slim silhouette.

    Dresses bride in vintage style

    Ideas of wedding dresses in vintage style

    Choosing dress model depends on what erayou are going to copy. If you are attracted to vintage 20s, you should give preference to the classic straight cut, which will emphasize all the advantages of a figure. Lush skirts and A-line that are inherent in the style of the 50s, performed in a restrained style. Regardless of what kind of wedding dress you choose, your outfit is sure to be the center of attention throughout the ceremony.

    The dress of lace and cotton ecru color

    Send a feminine cut and wedding dressesvintage style can use a combination of textured lace and cotton ecru color. Delicate cream fabric follows the curve shape, which makes the appearance elegant and luxurious. Lace, which envelops silhouette, selected from a large pattern of flowers or leaves. The bottom of the dress is decorated with fringe or lace gear.

    Lace vintage bride

    With lush lace skirt and train

    If the bride is planning a wedding dresscombine vintage and fairy-tale image of Princess, then encouraged to make their choice in favor of lush lace skirt. Additional decoration small bow will be placed in front or behind the belt. This element brings playfulness and fun in the romantic image of the bride. The bodice has a fitted silhouette that emphasizes the shape of the breast using a vertical tucks. Bottom skirt smoothly into a long train, which is admired by modern brides.

    Vintage style in the image of the bride

    A-line skirt with chiffon

    In order to pass the period of vintage '50syears, stylists recommend to choose the dress a-line. The skirt of the dress is made of flowing and translucent fabrics - chiffon. A combination of several layers of material making the bottom dress air and light. Against the background of this elegant skirt bodice looks modest. Corset dresses reminiscent of the strict form-fitting blouse with a row of buttons. The final accent wedding attire stands chiffon belt, which is decorated with a brooch.

    Chiffon in vintage style for the bride

    Short dress of crocheted lace

    Bold solutions for the modern bride is consideredopted for a short dress. Length wedding dress in vintage style can be up to his knees, but not cross the permitted edge. Therefore, among the vintage clothes to find ultra options. In order to emphasize the style of a previous era, stylists recommend to use for making the wedding dress crocheted lace. With this material the bride will be able to emphasize their romance and sexuality.

    Short Vintage Bridesmaid Dress

    What else to complement the image of a bride in vintage style?

    Maximum transfer vintage style will help youaccessories used to complement the bride's appearance. Excellent vintage image can pass via a properly sized makeup stylized hairstyles and accessories, harmoniously fit into the image of the bride. For wedding dress in vintage style is recommended to choose the following attributes:

  • Veil. To decorate the bride wedding hairstyles besides the traditional veil, the veil can be used, or a hat. These accessories are manufactured under the dress chosen, taking into account the color scheme and preferences of the bride. The decor is made of lace, tulle, beads, beads, feathers.
  • Lace rim. Hair can be decorated with a wide lace or thin rim. In order to properly withstand the vintage style, such an accessory is lowered to the middle of the forehead.
  • Fata pirates. The shape resembles a delicate accessory cap, which on both sides decorated with flowers. With the help of a veil-Pirate bride can embellish her hair short or long curls.
  • Elegant hairpin. Ornament vintage curls become accessories in retro style. To do this, select the hairpin, which complement the silver stones, feathers, large beads. If the bride's hair is decorated with a large flower, you should abandon the use of traditional veils.
  • Gloves. Optional accessories for the bride will fishnet gloves. Their length can be up to the elbows or end at the wrist. Edge enhancement framed textured satin ribbon or lace. Under the rules of wedding etiquette, while painting in the registry office, you need to take the gloves off.
  • Bolero. If the wedding is scheduled for the autumn-winter period, it will help warm cape, reminiscent of the bolero.
  • Shoes. For vintage image, you must choose shoes with heels on average. Avoid pointy studs and open sandals on a flat sole. Ornaments of wedding shoes in vintage style will bow and satin ribbon that is tied at the ankle.
  • Beads. To decorate the décolleté using beads. This accessory is made from a large or small pearls.
  • Clutch. Choosing the right tone in a small handbag would be for the girl indispensable attribute to store personal belongings.
  • Bouquet. To maintain the vintage style of the bride and groom choose to use artificial flowers, which are decorated with brooches, beads, beads.
  • Photo of vintage wedding dresses 2015

    If you can not find a suitable modelvintage dress, then offer acquainted with the options in the photo below. Introduced range of wedding dresses will help you to determine the style of dress that is long remembered by those present guests. Choosing a basis for a vintage theme for the upcoming celebration, the bride will be able to emphasize the individuality of a holiday and family traditions.

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