Wedding Dress Mini: photos of fashionable models and styles

Fashion trends, designer collection shows ...Before the fashion connoisseur is the most difficult choice of dress designer choose which accessories to choose? Imagine, if you need to pick up attire for the bride? From the options dizzy - shocking mini wedding dress or the classic lace to the floor; one model or several? Let's try to understand the variety of today's offers.

Fashion model mini-dresses for the bride

What are the pros choice of mini-dresses to the wedding:

  • Elegant Bride legs protruding from under the mini skirts will attract admiring glances not only the groom and the entire male half of the guests of the festival.
  • If you are planning a ceremony abroad, small size wedding dresses make it possible to transport it as hand luggage with minimal loss of appearance.
  • Hot countries, tropical islands contribute little desire to put on a "ton" of tulle, satin.
  • By the end of the day the bride, "chained" to the traditional model of dresses will feel if not the most tortured, then at least dreaming to change her outfit.
  • The presence of the mass of petticoats, planted on a special ring, brings numerous inconveniences, constrains movement requires assistance when boarding a wedding car and leaving.
  • Long trail can bring extra unwanted experiences: how not to get dirty, do not catch or tear a dress.
  • The price of standard models of high long wedding. Choosing a mini-dress for any style wedding ceremony, you decide two problems: Save money and get in the presence of a cocktail dress for all occasions.

Mini Wedding Dresses

When choosing a short dress for the wedding look for such features:

  • With the high growth of any styles of mini-dressesvisually make the girl even higher. But low and low brides mini dress fit perfectly: in view of beautiful shoes on heels you'll look very elegant.
  • Owners should be a couple of extra kiloschoose style carefully. Very short model with frills and ruffles add extra volume to the photos and videos. Preferably, in this case, choose a short cocktail dress case, closure knee.
  • By mini dress for the bride preferably choose accessories in a minimalist style: thin chain elegant, discreet earrings with diamonds - the perfect decoration for you in the solemn day.

Beautiful wedding dresses mini

For wedding dress organic mini-picka small veil, desirable, too short. Beautifully will look like a woman with a veil hats, unusual hairstyles with flowers suitable in style to the outfit. Mini length requires a beautiful tights, which will see all around. Do not forget about the shoes: massive shoes, platform sandals visually heavier leg, creating disharmony. Pick elegant pumps nude color heels.

Form-fitting mini dress

Fitted mini dress styles have come fromdistant 60-ies of the last century. Sheath is perfect for any shape, form-fitting corset and bare shoulders - perfect for owners of a magnificent bust. Additional emphasis will put bead embroidery, satin ribbons, lace decorations.

Fitted model of short dresses for wedding

Cuddly with a lot of skirts

Very young bride happy ownersize S or XS, choose a short wedding dress with a skirt mini, consisting of several rows of frills, multi-layered frills. Corseted figure of a bride with a skirt, a pack will not leave it without attention. Take in this case special attention to the selection of accessories: they should be concise, exquisite.

Luxury Wedding Dresses Mini

Mini-dress with a train

A lover of shock the public to tastehave style mini dress with a train. A great advantage of most models is detachable plume, which took off during the height of fun, the bride will ensure their freedom of movement. The analog loop can be regarded as a style "fish tail", combining the opportunity to showcase the bride and legs to keep up appearances.

Short model with a train

Dress-transformer length mini

To be painted in the civil records departmentcivil status, and then a wedding ceremony in the church? Come to the aid of wedding dresses-transformers with detachable top skirts. Agree, the two wedding dresses and one day - is not a joy for the bride? Indispensable in the locker room will be a bride beach mini dress transformers. Made of the lightest fabrics, they make it possible to vary the style, length, depending on your mood and taste.

Wedding dresses-transformers

Dresses two in one

Photo of fashionable wedding dresses mini

Choosing a wedding dress, many girlsThey prefer the classic version. But if you are young, you want to stand out from the crowd of brides in ryushah and frills - Sit in a wedding salon stylish mini dress. The fashion for these styles came to us recently. Founder is considered to be Coco Chanel, to offer its clients the knee-length dress. If you follow the fashion trends, you probably noticed that none of the models catwalk wedding is complete without a mini dress. The abundance of options that are presented in the photo.

Wedding mini-dress with an unusual design

Designer wedding dresses

Short model for brides

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