The image of the bride winter 2016 - photos

The girls are looking forward to this day. Getting used to the image of the bride begins in early childhood, when she first puts on a white dress. The years go by, betrothed have not yet emerged, but the girl is already perfect, accurate picture of the wedding. And then the moment comes, the man says treasured words ... And then things are moving very fast. The man has the right to offer you a wedding in the winter. Do not be scared! The coldest season can be your warmest thanks to this event.

Wedding dress for a winter wedding

One of the most important steps - selectionbride's wedding dress. No girl does not suggest how many possible variations of the winter garments there. To the wedding dress and the snow did not merge in tone is subtle and should not choose the standard image of a snow-white beauty, but something more elegant, thematically concurring with winter. You will create the perfect look for the winter bride, if you follow the plan and that the selection criteria:

  • Determine your body type, and then think - whether you want to be a luxury bride with stones and furs, and the soul requires a more sophisticated style?
  • With the choice of a suitable color will help you to cope consultant wedding salon. You can offer not only standard white color, but also creamy, smoky, blue.
  • Silhouette depends on your type of figure, desirefocus on the advantages or disadvantages of hiding. Popular outfits are considered "Princess", "dress in the Greek style", "A-Line", "Mermaid".
  • Winter is not appropriate attire for the light transparentBride. In winter season, will be the wedding dress - long sleeve, veiled breasts. If sleeveless lace or use a nice silk image of the bride will not look awkward. And if on top of the bodice breast bride decorate the organza insert, it will look sexy, but not vulgar.
  • With a length should be no issues. A long skirt of tulle up 2-3 cm from the floor will be not only beautiful, but also warm part to the cold season.
  • Decide what style of wedding will take place, andWhat image of the bride would be the best for you. If the date of the celebration is close to Christmas, to design the interior in winter red-white color, be sure to add a bouquet of rose, and choose for themselves the image of the fatal beauty with red lipstick. Or make a wedding literally like a winter wonderland. Photoshoot with horses, magic prince, princess dress, tiara, and no hint of the image of the Snow Queen!

    Winter groom in a wedding dress

    Outerwear: a coat or a shawl?

    Another important attribute of the wedding in the winter - warmouterwear. Even if the ceremony is scheduled in the room, then walk through the snowy alley - exclusive memories for the future spouses. As a result, unique pictures. You should make a choice between a coat, shawl, jacket or coat-jacket. That is their advantage:

    • Coat - a winter classic, luxury, tradition, fromthat nobody has the right to refuse. Such a garment may be a white or light gray, brown. Coat suitable for many silhouettes of winter dresses, any hair, makeup, shoes. The only nuance - is the cost. If this is not a nuance for you, then take it without hesitation.
    • Knitted scarf suitable romantic winter brides pattern on it can be combined with a pattern on the dress. Colors often selected tender and pastel, supplement them with satin ribbon, and a vintage brooch.
    • Coats - does not mean a huge winter jacket. It is also necessary to pick up correctly. It will not necessarily be white. The main advantage - you can wear a winter coat after the wedding. If you are lucky, you can find unique items hand-lace!
    • Cashmere winter jackets can warm you, to balance the volume bottom wedding dress, add the effect of confidence, to make the image of a perky. Variations of colors - unlimited.

    Outerwear for the winter bride

    Features selection of shoes for a winter wedding

    Put in the first place warm and practicality,otherwise cold escape. Shoes are worn in summer and in winter as a solemn day, the bride should feel confident and do not tremble from the cold. Options are reduced to a warm, stylish boots with stones, uggov with thematic décor, insulated boots or untov. If you look good, you'll find a pair that fits perfectly into the image of the sun of the bride.

    A variety of boots for the wedding

    Wedding hair and makeup

    Think about all the details. Do not forget about the important rule - if you choose to surround the bottom, it is better to collect hair in a beautiful shell, beam, or tail. If you have a standard dress "Mermaid" or silhouette in the Greek style, the hair should be beautiful to dissolve, to wind, to straighten, etc. In general, hair and makeup should fit into your image.

    If you have chosen a European style,Gather hair at the bottom. The trend of the winter season are considered to design wreaths of stone, live or artificial flowers. In tone with headdress pick up makeup. If you have a retro style, the wavy hair with excellent fixation to be chic, and make-up the main focus will let the arrow to the eye. If you can not resist the thematic color combinations white - red, white - blue - blue, the hair and make-up boldly mix these traditional colors.

    Makeup for a winter wedding

    Accessories for the winter bride image

    No additional details garment will not dono bride. The image will complete only if it is supplemented by the right and taking into account the wedding theme. Bouquet should correspond to the characteristic style of clothing (the gentle, bold, flashy, contrast). Last but not least - the seasonality. Select in accordance with the style of the bride dress collar, scarf, hat or scarf.

    Bouquet of winter flowers

    Bouquet should be combined with the overall style. Use to create a gentle image of the bride any alternative: ranunkulyusy, peonies, daffodils. Red roses, cotton, buds, twigs spruce add Christmas spirit at the wedding. The variant of drawing up the winter bouquet, which will be mainly white flowers (carnations, calla lilies, gladioli), and bright accent - red mountain ash. A number of flower petals are sensitive to frost, and your bouquet can lose appearance. Consider a backup plan. For example, take a bunch of pine cones and spruce for a photo in the snow, and the tender buds - for the room.

    Unique bouquets for winter brides

    A white clutch

    If you think that the gloves do not fit inimage of a luxurious princess of snow, the snow-white clutch - what you need! It performs an aesthetic function, warms your hands during long movements. In the clutch you will look not just fabulously beautiful bride, but will no longer be afraid of frost, give her warmth all around.

    Coupling warm hands of the bride

    Fur scarf and hat

    Be a bride who is not afraid of changes inweather. Even if you have promised a perfect forecast for the wedding day, blizzard, frost can creep up unnoticed. Fur scarf, hat and scarf save you from sudden changes. Scarf only throws on his shoulders, put on the full hand, it closes a half back, and most of the body (mantle). Fur hat suit brides who dismissed hair. Pros - heat; long hair do not have to.

    Alternative hats for winter wedding

    Pictures of the images of winter bride

    Fairytale Princess, the femme fatale, the Europeanbeautiful, retro diva - all this winter images of girls. You walk down the aisle, smoothly flowing dress for you, speak the coveted "yes" and enter into a new life. But it is worth remembering that the status of "loving wife", "expectant mother" you should not crowd out the special girl-bride who is always within you. Choose the image of the bride for the winter seasons, watching our selection of photos.

    Images of the unique bride for the cold season

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