The bodice wedding dress: the variety of options!

With its interesting design ideasmodern wedding dress can be seen for hours, each time finding new and interesting details. Particular attention is paid to this season zone neckline and bodice dresses. It turns out that on the bodice design is based each subsequent piece of wedding dress. Leaf should closely match the proportions of the body of the bride. The right mix of cutout bodice and decor can work wonders with the silhouette of the bride.

Option decoration on the bodice wedding dress

Today there is a huge selection of weddinglifami dresses with a wide variety of styles that are suitable for almost all types of figures. That's about the options of wedding bodices, we'll talk today. We hope that the recommendations contained portal, help you choose the dress of your dreams.

American armhole

American armhole usually found on modelswedding dresses without sleeves. Located armhole diagonally from the armpits to the neck. The shoulders at the same time remain open. There are also wedding dresses with armholes closed, and V-neck.

Dress with bodice ideal fragile miniature brides, especially girls with breasts of medium size and a small waist. The perfect pair for such a dress will be long wedding gloves.

American armhole
American armhole
Dress with American armhole

Deep neckline cape (elongated bodice)

Despite the fact that this type of bodice has similarfeatures with American armhole, it is more versatile, since there are straps or sleeves, so that the shoulders are slightly veiled. Often, low-cut finishing is performed by combining two materials. In addition, the cutout can decorate lace inserts and beads.

The elongated bodice reveals the neck and chest, showing the full beauty of these body parts. This is not the bodice emphasizes the shoulders and bust line, as opposed to the bodice with an American armhole.

Wedding dress with a cape looks sexy and elegant. With such a bodice can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the chest.

The deep neckline on the bodice
Low-cut bodice
The dress with elongated bodice

The bodice strapless

Strapless Wedding Dresses - one of thedominant models in outfits resembling a princess style. This type bodice fully open neck, shoulders and décolleté, making the image of the bride's feminine and seductive.

To wear a dress with a bodice, you must be at least proportional to the upper body. Strapless bodices are contraindicated in women with type figure "triangle" and "hourglass".

Dress without straps
Elegant bodice strapless
The bodice strapless

The bodice with straps

The next version of the bodice, which will tell youwedding website - This bodice with thin straps. The most attractive feature of the bodice is that it emphasizes the neck and décolleté, highlighting the shoulder line.

For the bride with a refined figure will be enoughtwo thin shleek which underlined the fragility of the girl and make it even more elegant. Also bodice with thin straps fit girls who want to show décolleté.

Dress with thin straps
Elegant dress with thin straps
The bodice with thin straps

Leaf in "Empire" style

Leaf in "Empire" style ends immediatelyunder the breast line, where the skirt begins. Due to excessive waist and shortened bodice dress emphasize breasts and lift the bride and hide a small tummy, creating the illusion of an elongated silhouette.

Dress with high bodice fit any type of shape, especially the girls of low growth and pregnant brides.

Usually the bodice in "Empire" style, decorated with embroidery of beautiful yarn, sequins, paillettes, elegant belts.

Leaf Empire
Overvalued Bodice Empire
Dress with bodice overpriced




toy boat


A characteristic feature of the bodice of the "boat" - a small cut-out, the same front and rear. It takes a recess is usually at the level of the clavicle and back covers.

Due to the seam line and shallow neckline dresses such models should be chosen brides who do not want to focus on his chest.

Dress with bodice Bato
Cut the bodice boat
Lace bodice boat

Leaf in the shape of a heart

Popular in the 80s heart-bodiceIt remains popular to this day. With this form of breast visually rises and becomes even more attractive. The shape of the feminine bodice can emphasize sleeves or straps.

Heart-shaped cut-out to be the most successful in the brides look curvaceous.

Leaf in the shape of heart
heart-shaped bodice
Heart-shaped neckline with straps

Leaf square and oval

These two types differ only in the bodice bend in the neck. And he and the other cut-emphasizes the neck and chest, visually widening the shoulders.

The square neckline bodice
Leaf Square

Translucent top bodice

This bra can be a complement to the mainbodice, execution of the dense fabric. Transparent layer of fabric (chiffon or organza) is sewn to the top of the dress. Due to which an effect of airiness and lightness.

This bra can be combined with any length sleeves, made from both dense and sheer fabric. The most successful versions:

  • translucent top, cut in the shape of boat + long sleeves,
  • translucent top, semi-circular cut-out + short sleeves.

Transparent neckline
Proznachny bodice over her shoulder
Imitation neckline
The translucent top and short sleeves

Possessing basic information about the species bodices wedding dresses, you make a really good choice!

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