Style wedding dress: how to decide?

Wedding - is perhaps one of the most solemnevents in the life of a girl, so every bride wants to look on this day a real princess. And to give a truly royal become any woman is capable of wedding dress, so hundreds of thousands of proposals is so important to find your treasured dress. It is not easy, because every girl's own style, especially figures, color preferences and most importantly - a secret wish to be in this dress very charming and attractive. Therefore, when choosing attire must take into account a lot of nuances - the dress must be on a figure, beautifully-fitting silhouette and emphasize the advantages of mask defects. But the main thing - it must be like the culprit most celebrations, be comfortable and not hamper the movement, because the bride will spend the whole day.

Fashion now offers millions of modelswedding dresses. However, to date, we formed the main styles of dresses. Website made a brief guide to the styles of wedding dresses that may help brides decide and choose "their" dress for the big day.

ball gown

Wedding dresses in the style of a ball - neveraging classics of the genre. This outfit refers to the Baroque and Rococo eras luxury balls, court intrigues and spectacular society ladies. Required items such dresses - corset bodice and full skirt of many layers.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

This skirt must necessarily begin atwaist line. The top of the dress is made of satin or taffeta and decorated with pearls, rhinestones or crystals. The skirt is sewed of the most lightweight fabrics - organza or tulle. Several layers of air, almost weightless fabrics create the effect of walking a flight. It should be borne in mind that ball gowns are best suited to girls of high and medium height. For miniature brides such models are too bulky.

The style of "Carmen"

It is also called "mermaid" or "fish". These dresses can be found on tight-fitting top and flared skirt just above the knee, decorated with lush ruffles or lace foam. As a result, it appears the fish tail, and the bride herself like a beautiful mermaid.

Mermaid Wedding Dress

This style fits ladies with a good figure andresolute character. In a similar dress bride looks very sexy. "Mermaid" model with a skirt with a long train creates an incredibly passionate image of the Spaniard, and the style was called "flamenco".

Greek style

A characteristic feature of these dresses - inflatedwaist and a cascade of vertical folds. Wedding dress in the Greek style are made of extremely lightweight fabrics and give weightless airiness image of the bride. They are ideal low fragile girls. This dress visually increases growth and gives a certain monumentality around the silhouette.

Greek Wedding Dress

Romantic style

Rare woman will remain indifferent to romanticmotives in a wedding dress. This dress with soft lines, flowing flounces, ruffles, lace and ruffles. An obligatory element of style is a form-fitting top and full skirt. The style is perfect young girls are tall, because due to the long skirts with a variety of decorative elements visually shorten the silhouette.

Romantic style

Style "Empire"

He is sometimes identified with the Greek style ofinflated waist, which is characteristic of both styles. However dresses in "Empire" style is used more dense tissue, as well as using less draperies. Model looks solemn and majestic, like ancient columns.

Empire Wedding Dress

Minimalist design allows you to focusat the neckline with the help of embroidery, ornaments, decoration, or a plunging neckline that draws attention away from the figure. This model is well suited to girls with full hips or other flaws figures. Also thanks to the shape of a tunic dress in "Empire" style will look good on the bride "in position".

Portal believes that all styles are good, but rely mainly on the taste and sensation when choosing a wedding dress. The bride should fall in love with a dress - almost like in a future husband - then the day of the wedding is sure to bring her unforgettable moments of happiness.

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